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Challenge your kids to build the best marble maze in this open-ended paper plate maze STEM challenge! Kids will have a blast!

41 STEM Projects for Kids of All Ages | Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, oh my! From elementary school to middle school to high school, we've rounded up 41 simple and easy to re-create STEM activities, experiments, and projects for kids and for teens! #stemeducation #stemactivities #steamactivities #steameducation

STEM for Kids: Straw Rockets (with Free Rocket Template) - Buggy and Buddy

STEM and STEAM for Kids: Children will love exploring the science of light and reflections while creating patterns and in this fun craft and science project all in one! #buggyandbuddy #stem #steam #scienceforkids #scienceprojects #scienceexperments #craftsforkids #kidscrafts

Saint Patrick's Day STEM Challenges (March STEM) – Student Savvy

The egg drop STEM challenge is a fun spring kids STEM activity

"Be The One" : Apologia Anatomy & Physiology Unit Three: Build A Model Robotic Hand

This is the best STEM Challenge for your upper elementary students. Check this post full of tips about trying the resource- Build a Newton's Cradle!

Awesome Elementary STEM projects for homeschool!

Want a simple and easy STEM activity for the kids? Your children will love this!!! Check out this awesome robotics science project. Boys and girls will use simple motors and toothbrushes to make a diy robot that actually moves. You can watch the bristlebot robots move in the video. Great for science teacher, home school and student activities. #CubScoutIdeas #STEM #Robotics #kidsactivities #kidsscience

28 Awesome STEM Challenges for the Elementary Classroom - Basketball Challenge - Teach Junkie

Salt Crystal Leaves - Love fall leaves? This seasonal twist on salt crystal science transforms autumn leaves into beautiful crystals. This is a simple yet fun STEM activity for kids!

This is a fun STEM activity for kids of all ages! It's great for an Elementary STEM project & a Middle School STEM challenge! #STEMactivities #STEMeducation

STEM Challenge for Kids: Create a pinball like marble maze game using paper plates and other basic craft materials. Fun design and building challenge! ~

A Week of STEM activities!  | The Ardent Teacher

Sound Science for Kids: Make a Craft Stick Harmonica. Fun STEM project!

STEM Tales are fairy tales with a STEM twist. The engineering task is to solve the problem presented in the story. Perfect for grades 1-3! Choose from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack & the Beanstalk, Beauty &

Your kids--both boys and girls--will love making their own diy robot. This awesome STEM activity is simple and easy to make at home. The robot science project shows children how to use motors to build a robot that moves. Making a bristlebot robot from a toothbrush is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Watch those bristlebots go in the video! #CubScoutIdeas #STEM #robotics #kidsactivities

Three Billy Goats Gruff Storybook STEM- bridge building activity via @karyntripp

How Strong is Spaghetti? STEM Challenge for Kids! Create tests to investigate the strength of spaghetti.

STEM Challenge featuring rolling and zipping along! Elementary students create a car using an empty plastic bottle and then try to use the dynamics of Newton's Laws of Motion to make the car travel on a straight path with the most acceleration and distanc

STEM Winter Sports Ski Challenge will engage all your students during the winter season. Students plan, design, and engineer a skier that can stand on skis. Your students will love going through the design process as they cover the Next Generation Science Standards.

How Lungs Work – STEM for Kids | Sandbox Academy Body themed STEM activity for your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten kid. #toddler #toddleractivity #easytoddleractivity #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #homepreschoolactivity #playactivity #preschoolathome #kidsactivity #STEM #preschoolSTEM #prek

Fabtastic ancient Greek architecture STEM challenge & activities! Perfect for all ages: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, and adult!

5 Engineering Challenges with Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks. Awesome STEM activity for kids!

paper plate sundial -- simple STEM activity #stemactivities #stemeducation #homeschoolingideas #paperplatecrafts

Spy/detective activity with fingerprints | STEM idea for biology or CSI

Do a LEGO Bridge Building Challenge! Fun STEM activity for kids, great for a LEGO club or library program. #stem #lego #engineeringforkids #kidsactivities

Looking for a free STEM activity for the elementary classroom? Teachers are loving STEM because it's fun, hands-on, and engaging. The challenges are great for team building. This challenge is free and easy to implement. Great for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. I usually use this challenge for back to school stem, but it can be done at any time. Students will have a great time working together to discuss, design, build, and reflect. #elementaryisland #elementarystemactivities #freestem

Making paper circuit cards is one of the most integrative STEM activities for kids! It's a science experiment, a technology lesson, and an art project all in one. Paper circuit art unleashes a child's creativity by empowering them to design a card that really lights up! 28 Days of STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids! #STEM #28daysofstem

Build a functioning model of the heart STEM activity

STEM / STEAM for Kids: Create your own straw pan flutes! A fun craft you can use to explore the science of sound and music. Children can create their own songs and record them on the free song recording sheet printable! #stem #steam #music #sound #scienceforkids #kindergarten #firstgrade #musicforkids #craftsforkids #kidscrafts

Looking for the perfect Winter - Christmas STEM Challenge to keep kids engaged in actual learning before winter break? In the Sled & Slope STEM Challenge, students build a sled and ramp designed to transport the sled the greatest possible distance. Perfect for your lessons on forces & motion and simple machines! Click through to see the blog posts & video walk-throughs for all five Christmas – Winter STEM Challenge activities.

STEM Challenge: Students work in two teams to create a cranking device and a passenger carrier to perform a rescue. Each team builds part of the device and then the teams join together! The ultimate in teamwork!

11 STEM Picture Books

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