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DIY: Two ways to transform an oversized pair of pants — The Essentials Club // Creative DIY Hub

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loveeee this outfit! Super cute (and easily found in a thrift store, which is always a plus)

Street style look macacão jeans.

10 tips for buying thrift store clothes... and a few ideas to upcycle them, too. #thriftstoreclothes #thrifting #thriftstorefashion #ducttapeanddenim #thriftingtips

THRIFT FLIP - Cómo conseguir la ropa de tus sueños | Valegard - YouTube

A few months ago I got a few bags of clothes from the thrift store during their annual fill-a-bag-for-$1 day. I got this pink dress because ...

Passage des perles

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Thrifted and transformed (II) | B. Blue DIY

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