Blue Katana Full Tang Blue Printed Blade Katana Japanese Samurai Swords

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銀座 誠友堂: 鍔 銘 越前住光秋作 波龍図鍔(TU-240515)

Tsuba/Orcish,Copper Tsuba For Japanese Samurai Sword Katana

Nihontou sword,Medium carbon steel blue blade,Paint scabbard,Alloy

part 1

Blue Krypton Mega Knife Set (8 Pieces) – Blade City

Daisho : Ou Aisawa Toshio shi kore Minamoto Moriyoshi Kitaeru Mukansa/Minamoto Moriyoshi | Japanese Sword Online Museum (Katana 2)

Juan Folded Steel Katana Samurai Sword


parts of a bow...

Nim's Blade. It seems to glow with a deathly cold. Forged in the river Styx, it has gained the properties to absorb a mobsters essence after crystallizing them in a blanket of ice

Hi JapanLovers!  Today’s かっこいい lesson is about the nihontō (Japanese swords, or literally, blades). (ノ≧∀≦)ノThis illustration show the different types of nihontō, and the basic parts of a handle, or tsuka.  (We tried to be as simple and asbasic as possible~ >3<)Additional info:✧ Katana is now modernly used as the general term for Japanese swords.✧ Odachi (the big big sword!!) was commonly used in ceremonies, and not (or very seldom) in battle. Due to its huge size, it is worn stra...:

Sword Guard (Tsuba) Depicting Dragon Between Waves (波龍図鐔) | Japanese | The Met

Japanese - English

Hilt - The upper portion of a sword consisting of the cross-guard, handle/grip, and pommel (most Medieval swords have a straight cross or cruciform-hilt). Description from thearma.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

T10 clay tempered beautiful prominent Choji - Hitatsura hamon after seven stages of Nugui Kanahada mixtura polish.

8.25" Fantasy Skull Spider Spring Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife Karambit Blue - MEGAKNIFE

Technical terms of full plate armour

Decore com Gigi: Uma cor particular...

Hobbies in Japanese-this looks extremely useful for conversing in Japanese, for me!

Samurai sword,katana(Folding steel blue blade,Blue Scabbard,Alloy Tosogu)Full tang,Length 35"

ArtStation - For Honor Weapon_SAssassin, QiYu Dai (Aiden)

Excelent Edo koshirae with leather ito tsuka in Hineri maki style and handachi fittings.

A Mito School iron tsuba 18th century

Sections of a Longsword with Scabbard by myArmoury.com

Fully Handmade Japanese Samurai Katana Sword High Carbon Steel Sharp Blade Sword Full Tang Battle Ready Espadas Cutting Knife

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Handmade Gold Katana Samurai Sword

Various design and types of helmet for the Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Project WAARGH, a spin of Medieval Revisited series where instead of Women Warriors, it's MEN warriors! Some of them ar...

Hattori Hanzo Samurai Swords photography

The beautiful katana

58 Japanese Tsuba Designs | Takumi Warrior

Oda Katana Samurai Sword

Tsuba Dragon Solid Copper Brass Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword Katana

Blade Material:High carbon steel etch blade,The surface of the blue; Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Heat Tempered,Full tang; Package weight:2KG; Overall Length:29"/76cm; Blade Length:20"/52CM; Scabbard:Bladck wood; Handle:Black wood; Knife fitted:Alloy; Condition:Brand New; Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China; Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand.


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