How much is a Passion Fruit? This is a great question. I get asked this on a regular basis at farmer's markets. The answer depends on where you live. If you live here in Hawaii you probably grow it or know a place where you can pick it up for free along the side of the road. #natural #dessert #delicious #fruit #cocktail #vegan #foodie #cocktails #healthy #drinks #desserts #marinades #davinehawaii #davinefoods #passionfruitpuree #puree #passionfruit #lilikoipuree #lilikoi

Believe it or not, when I was a kid, I grew up eating four or five basic frozen vegetables, steamed. Yuk! When I grew up and started cooking for myself and my husband I discovered a love for veggies. Fresh, roasted, veggies. Mmmmm! This recipe is a family go to for our Thanksgiving meal almost every year. We make a Lilikoi Candied Bacon with Mac Nuts to put into this dish. #holidayrecipes #tropicalrecipes #passionfruitpuree

If you are wondering where you can buy pure passion fruit puree, well look no more. In Hawaii this wonderful liquid is known as Lilikoi. It has a strong, tart and exotically tropical flavor. It is ideal for creating baked goods, drinks, sauces, ice creams, dressings and all kinds of both sweet and savory dishes. Click to purchase this liquid gold made with 100% passion fruit from the Island of Hawaii! #passionfruitproducts #passionfruitpuree #lilikoipuree

Have you ever wondered how to make delicious nut brittle? Well today I am going to show you. This recipe has a tropical twist, adding passion fruit puree. Yum! I also use mac nuts to make you feel like you are right in Hawaii. The passion fruit puree is a product made in Hawaii and you can purchase by clicking the link. Happy candy making! #passionfruitpuree #passionfruitrecipes

Have you tried a lilikoi cake roll before? Follow along with this fun recipe! You can easily use a boxed sponge cake or make it from scratch. The recipe uses 100% passion fruit puree made in Hawaii from Da Vine Foods along with their Lilikoi Coconut Butter. Click to get full recipe! #passionfruitpuree #passionfruitcake #tropicaldesserts

Looking for a sweet treat? We have just the thing for you! Homemade lilikoi ice cream with chocolate coconut shell and Li Hing Mui dusted macadamia nuts. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! #passionfruitdesserts #passionfruitpuree #passionfruitproducts

Needing a gift for the baker in your life? These are the perfect tropical ingredients sure to delight any baker. Our Passion Fruit Puree is 100% pure; no water, sugar or chemicals added. Your friends and family that love to bake will know just what to do with these ingredients. Included is our Passion Fruit Puree, Lilikoi Coconut Butter and Lilikoi Jelly. Click the link to buy and get delicious recipes too! #bakersgiftpackages #passionfruitpuree

These Tropical Baked Beans are a tantalizing balance of sweet and savory. We start with classic beans and bacon then add passion fruit puree and pineapple to bring in the tropical twist you all know and love. This makes an easy, impressive side dish to go with any meal. You can use canned beans or make the beans from scratch. I like to make them from scratch, but do whatever works for you! #hilife #bakedbeans #hawaiifoods #passionfruitpuree #lilikoi

Park St. Passion #Cocktail #Recipe In a shaker glass filled with fresh ice, combine: 1.5 oz Twenty 2 Vodka Juice From half a fresh lime 1 oz Triple Sec 1 oz Passion Fruit Puree Shake Hard to Mix and Chill Strain into a Martini Glass with a Sugared Rim #Vodka #LimeJuice #TripleSec #PassionFruitPuree #MartiniGlass #SugaredRim #LunaBar&Grill #Maine

Passion Fruit - Pure Purée – Gourmet Foods Company 100% Pure Passion Fruit Puree - no other ingredients! Follow the link for recipes #passionfruitpuree #passionfruitcocktails #passionfruittea #realpassionfruit #passionfruitjuice #passionfruitlemonade #passionfruitcake #passionfruiticing

What Can I Substitute for Passion Fruit Puree? - Lilikoi Products by Da Vine Hawaii

Passion Fruit - Pure Purée – Gourmet Foods Company 100% Pure Passion Fruit Puree - no other ingredients! Follow the link for recipes #passionfruitpuree #passionfruitcocktails #passionfruittea #realpassionfruit #passionfruitjuice #passionfruitlemonade #passionfruitcake #passionfruiticing

#PassionFruitPuree 1.20kg Application: This product is used for smoothie, ice cream and tea drinks, also can be used for mousse or as sauce.

Passion #Fruit #Puree 1.20kg 12 flavors you can choose: Strawberry, Pineapple, Kiwi, Pomelo, Passion Fruit, Blueberry,cherry, pink guava, sugarcane lemon, orange, banana,cranberry roselle.

7 Things You May Not Know About Passionflower

Monkey Pod Mai Tai. Best EVER!

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Purslane is a weed, but it has great health benefits. Harvest the purslane plants in your garden and use them in recipes!

Do you love lilikoi (passion fruit)? If you do there are many health benefits. Did you know that passion fruit can aid in digestion and relieve constipation? What are some health benefits you are aware of? • • • #lilikoi #passionfruit #passionfruits #passionfruitflower #passionfruitjuice #passionfruitcocktail #hawaiigifts #passionfruitrecipes #hawaiiproducts #madeinhawaii #madewithaloha #hawaiimade #madeinhawaiiwithaloha #shophawaii #specialtygifts #corporategifts #corporategiftideas #gourmetgi

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Lilikoi Chia Seed Dressing Recipe - Da Vine Hawaii

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Over the years I've had many people tell me that when they grow a passion fruit vine they get flowers but no fruit. My response to them is, do you have wood around your vines? The reason I ask about the wood is because the black carpenter bees are what most frequently pollinates the Passion flower. If you give them a home to burrow into the wood, they will be there to pollinate your flowers so you can get fruit. A friend of mine, caught this photo of the passion fruit flower with a carpenter b

Our Lilikoi Wai is literally just passion fruit puree. We have added no sugar or water to the pure lilikoi puree.

What is Lilikoi or Passionfruit? Lilikoi defined by Da Vine Hawaii

Look what I just picked.....a basket of Passion Fruit (lilikoi for the locals). Yum yum! I can't wait to start juicing and creating new delicious recipes. As always, made with passion! Recipes and passion fruit products can be found at www.davinehawaii. . . . . #passionfruit #lilikoi #fruitofthegods #hawaii #bigisland #davinefoods #hawaiifood #hawaiieats #hawaiifoodie @hawaiipassionfruit

Another Passion flower. Crazy and exotic. I especially love this one. If you look in the middle of the flower you can see a little tiny Passion fruit starting. Like anything good in this life, it requires me to patiently wait for that fruit to grow to maturity. But when it does... I'll snatch that fruit up off the ground and make something tasty with it's juice! Double tap if you like Passion fruit and the wonderful treats you can make with it.

I find the exotic design of the passion flower absolutely stunning. Layers of color and texture make it stands out as one of the most unique of tropical flowers. Thanks to my friend Brad for sending me this photo from his backyard vines here in Hawaii. I love that you were able to capture both the flower along with a passion fruit. This green fruit is still unripe. It will turn a bright yellow color as it ripens. Instead of picking this fruit, it is best to let it fall off the Vine and collec

Started the morning off with Lilikoi Mimosas, everything bagels with cream cheese, smoked pepper salmon, red onion, capers and papaya fruit boats. We're off to a good start! Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm getting ready for the big event this Saturday at the Shops at Mauna Lani. Today's cooking yielded 72 jars of Lilikoi Jelly! The Bodhi Tree Market is from 12-7pm and Da Vine Foods will be there. I remember the first time I every canned jam. I was 6 months pregnant. We were spending our 4th of July with my sister in law and her family. We spent the morning at a raspberry farm in Washington, picking flats of berries. I had never canned a thing in my life and was a bit nervous about messing u

Mother of all Mai Tais - Lilikoi Products by Da Vine Hawaii

View of Diamond Head outside our hotel door.

"People with social support have fewer cardiovascular problems and immune problems, and lower levels of cortisol -- a stress hormone," says Tasha R. Howe, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Humboldt State University. At Da Vine Foods we are founded with this philosophy of spending time together with great people and great food . There have been a multitude of studies that show having a social circle will help you live longer. Us here at Da Vine Foods are practicing a family happy hour v

Best Passion fruit cheesecake recipe ever! Visit www.davinehawaii.com for Passion fruit puree and recipes. . . . . . #nomnomnom #hawaiifoodie #passionfruit #lilikoi #makeathome #passionfruitpuree #davinefoods #hawaii @hawaiipassionfruit

Great evening with my honey at the Hapuna Prince.

Our Lilikoi Coconut Butter is easy to use on your favorite toast, scones, bagels or English muffins. Added to plain yogurt or hot cereal it turns an ordinary breakfast into a tasty extraordinary meal from the tropics. . . . . #lilikoi #lilikoibutter #lilikoicoconutbutter #breakfastdelight #breakfast #desserts #hawaii #davinefoods #davinehawaii #bigislandmade #hawaiifoodie

So, here are the pretzels once done baking. The recipe from King Arthur Flour called for a wash of sugar and water before baking. They tasted fantastic! I would like a more golden brown look so I'm going to try the lye pretzel method next time just for a better color. Has anyone ever made sourdough pretzels and done a simple egg white wash? The stone ground Passion fruit mustard came out great. I'll get a recipe up on my web site this week so my fellow Passion fruit lovers can give it a try.

I think God had fun creating all the colorful varieties of fish in the ocean. These are just a few of the fish in the reefs of Hawaii.

Make Jim Meehan's white sangria with Cointreau (or Cointreau Chamomile), Txakolina and white peaches.

#Fruit #facile #dcouvrez Vous aimez cuisiner Découvrez cette délicieuse et facile crevette Lilikoi fruit de la passion Vous aimez cuisiner Découvrez ce teaser de crevettes Lilikoi Fruit de la passion délicieux et brp classfirstletterThe Most current web page sharing about dlicieusepIt is one of the tops quality Picturess that can be presented with this vivid and remarkable impression facileblockquoteThe Pictures named Vous aimez cuisiner Découvrez cette délicieuse et facile crevette Lilik...

A fresh basket of lilikoi cocktail mix ready to go at the Sheraton Farmers Market. #davinefoods#passionfruit#lilikoicocktailmix#hawaii#sheratonfarmersmarket

Merry Christmas to all my Day Vine Foods friends and family. I hope you have a blessed day wherever you are and with whoever you are with. Much aloha... Rochelle

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Found only in Hawaii - The World's Rarest Plant........Silversword.

Pineapples with hibiscus flowers. We pulled off the road at a little fruit stand just so the one member of our party could get a coconut with a straw. These are what we saw on the table. What a simple yet beautiful display. I think this would make a great centerpiece. . . . . #pineapple #hawaiiflowers #hilifestyle #hawaiilifestyle #hawaiifruit #fruitstand #hawaii #davinefoods #davinehawaii

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It's easy to get a mai tai on Maui, but it's hard to get a great one. We've been doing R&D for years on the best mai tai recipe ever -- and here it is.

Passion Fruit Gin Punch If you like gin, this is the cocktail for you. Paired with our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix, this drink is the perfect refreshing cocktail after a long day's work. It is not overly sweet and the basil adds a hint of savory. I didn't come up with this one on my own. I collaborated with the folks at Cooking With Wine Blog. They fell in love with our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix and couldn't decide which recipe to go with. So they gave me two recipes. Check out the Passionate Ginger Whisk

Last night's walk gave me this beauty!

Spicy Chicken Wings with#davinefoods Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce #footballfood #wings #passionfruit #lilikoi @hawaiipassionfruit recipe at www.davinehawaii.com

Passion Fruit Baked Beans (No Ratings Yet) Loading...Categorized In: SidesTagged As: bacon, pineappleAaron BrownYield:5 servingsTotal Time:1:20Ingredients1 Cup Lilikoi Puree 1 Bell Pepper, Chopped 1.5 Pounds white beans, cooked and drained 1/2 tsp Salt 1 ½ Cups Brown Sugar 2 Cups Pineapple, Chopped ½ Cup Molasses 1 Pound Bacon, cooked, drained, cut into 1 inch pieces [...]Read More >

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