Anduril Sword Elite Series (#1603)

Warhammer Weapon by Tim Paauwe: Hand-Painted PBR Approach

Damascus Steel Sword Blade MaterialDamascus Steel (1095 / 15N20)Pattern Layers 256Handle Material Carbon Steel Blade, With Faux Leather Handle and ScabbardBlade Pattern TwistedOverall Length 34 inchBlade Length 25 inchHandle Length 9 inchBlade Width 2 inchSword Weight 1.258 kgLeather Weight 0.354 kgLeather Sheath100% pure Top Quality Sheep Leather Sheath PRECAUTIONSOur Tools are very sharp so open and use them very carefully. We ar

Soul of the Sword: 5 Steps

Jurin iv Shâsot: Force-imbued Sith Vibro-sword | Begosnisa

ArtStation - WARCRAFT - ' Sword of the Royal Guard', Matt McDaid

Handmade stiletto from Zlatoust masters

TWO OF SWORDS The Twos represent partnership and relationship. Two is also balance and harmony. This card provides the opportunity to establish equality and limit conflicts. Two of Swords suggests you should follow your emotions when making decisions! You might feel you’re in a tough spot with no wiggle room. This card

Lightning Sword.


Weapon adopt 47(CLOSED!!!) by Epic-Soldier on DeviantArt

40" MUSASHI LACQUER Wood Shirasaya Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Ninja Bushido - $29.95 | PicClick

Diablo III El Druin The Sword of Justice Prop

Kit Rae Anathros Sword Damascus Edition. From the Swords of the Ancients collection, this is the sword of the earth.

Entwined Dragon Sword (small) Dragon sword with a twist. Two dragons entwined together form the hilt of this sword, their tails coiling down the bade. The pommel has a dragon coiled around a gemstone biting it's own tail. Gemstones are between the dragons as well. This is a very lightweight hilt which can also be used to create a large dagger. An alternate Entwined Dragon hilt is available for larger sword blades, making this hilt very versatile.

A gift from the Lady of the Lake! The sword of the Legendary Arthur Pendragon, Excalibur, is brought to you by Museum Replicas. This elegant two handed sword is made from High carbon steel with antiqued metal decorative flowers and soft, blue leather. A great addition for any literature and history enthusiast's collection of medieval and fantasy costume pieces.

Hand Forged Rapier Sword – Wicked Swords

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I have the power!

Mithrodin Sword


ArtStation - Game Weapon Concept Designs, Vanessa Giovannini


Saw Sword. When your sword grows a shield to protect you. Then come fight.

ArtStation - Sword concept, Boris Nikolic. to spikey to be of any use as a sword. and would be very likely to get stuck in a body after being thrust.

Gold etched sword with mother of pearl hilt, Italy, circa 1500. from The Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Hobbit - Sword of Thranduil

2 PC 11" Dark Assassin Stainless Steel Medieval Short Sword Dagger w/ Sheath SET - MEGAKNIFE #SurvivalGearGuns

Simple.... Yes I like this very much

sci-fi frozen sword 3d model

Small-sword, ca. 1750–60. German. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Peter Finer, 2004 (2004.525) #sword

Pegasus with Turquoise I bought an athame from them about a month ago, one of the "currently available" ones they had because I am too impatient to wait, and this one wasn't currently on their website...can't decide if I regret acting too soon!

Darksword Black Death Gothic Sword with integrated Scabbard Belt

Blade Material:High carbon steel blade,Purple surface; Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Heat Tempered,Full tang; Habaki:Brass; Overall Length:39"/100cm; Blade Length:28"/72cm; Scabbard:Wood+Black leather; Handle:Wood,winding rope; Knife fitted:Alloy; Condition:Brand New; Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China; Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand.

Roman Guro's LiveJournal - Concept art: 80 концептов оружия для проекта "Солнце".

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