Are you looking for easy science experiments kids can do at home? Check out these super cool science experiments for kids.

Make a DIY balance with a few simple and inexpensive materials from the craft store. The balances are great for math, science, or STEM learning centers in preschool and pre-k. Kids can study the concept of weight by using these inexpensive balances that you can make. Perfect for small group and independent activities. Use in math centers or math work stations...or in a sensory table or sensory bin. STEM activities, STEAM activities for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten.

Are you looking for a fun game to play that will keep the kids busy?  These Balloon Cup Shooters are awesome!  And they will definitely keep the kiddos entertained for a few hours. All you need are plastic cups, balloons, duct tape and ping pong balls. I made these last week for Connor and a …

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Floating Ping Pong Ball at Steve Spangler Science. Link doesn't work, but you get the idea from the picture. I have tried this with the straw and ball only and it is difficult, but possible. The addition of the water bottle top seems like a much better way to do it especially with younger kids.

STEM Activity for Kids: How to Make Straw Rockets (w/ Free Rocket Template)- Fun for a science lesson, outdoor play activity, or unit on space! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Design and make a straw rocket and use this simple experiment to explore the trajectory of spaceships when they are launched from Earth.

You need to try this with your kids, it will be a hit. My kiddos are always asking for hands on science activities, even if it’s one we have done over and over like this Hovercraft Science experiment project.

A Very Simple Catapult to Make With Kids

finished paper earth layers interactive activity for science

Letter of the Week activities and crafts are a fun, hands-on way to practice letters with kids. Make this C is for Caterpillar craft and get some great book ideas too!

These FREE pop-up 3D nets are the perfect resource for teaching surface area. Check out the blog post for everything you need to make them in your classroom.

Science Toys for Clever Kids. Juguetes de ciencia para niños. Robots, Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Learning, Books, Mathematics, Mechanics, Microscopes,

Build a homemade candle carousel and investigate how the amount of heat under the carousel’s blades affects how quickly they spin.

Learn about the planets, galaxies and more with these awesome Outer Space Crafts for Kids! Perfect for Show and Tell or summer STEAM projects!

What a cool science experiment for kids! Make your own magnetic levitation.

5 Engineering Challenges with Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks. Awesome STEM activity for kids!

Science experiments for kids: States of Matter Fun! Representing the atoms with cheerios. Free download. #stem #science

Your kids--both boys and girls--will love making their own diy robot. This awesome STEM activity is simple and easy to make at home. The robot science project shows children how to use motors to build a robot that moves. Making a bristlebot robot from a toothbrush is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Watch those bristlebots go in the video! #CubScoutIdeas #STEM #robotics #kidsactivities

Fall leaves, trees, and seasons science table for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten! Perfect for a tree study or a leaves study.

Teach your students the life cycle of an ant through an educational craft that makes learning fun.

LittleThings teaming up with Ford presents "Make A Magnet Car"

25 First Grade Science Projects to Pique Every Student's Interest

Science Experiment: Sink or Float with Oranges - This Little Home of Mine

Investigation table for exploring materials and their properties |Exploring materials and their properties | Foundation science unit | Prep, Kindergarten, Year 1 Unit of Work | Hands-on learning ideas and printables for the classroom | Objects can be made of different materials | Materials have different properties |

Learn about Phases of the Moon with this DIY Learning Toy. #spacetheme #diylearningtoys #funlearningathome

Learn about ocean layers and which sea animals live in each zone with this fun science project for kids!

Make a DIY balance with a few simple materials from the craft store. The balances are great for math and science learning centers in preschool and pre-k classrooms. Use them in sensory bins too. A great way to explore the concept of weight in early childh

Snow Person Magnet Maze: Make this crafty science project where you move a snowman or snow woman through a wintery scene! This is a great idea for kids who want to learn more about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)! #STEAM #STEM #magnets #magnetmaze #snowpeople #snowman #snowmancraft #wintercraft

Learning about the internal organs of the human body for preschoolers #preschooler #activities #homeschool #montessori #science

Forms of Energy Heat Light and Sound. Science Notebook activity. Students will sort the different examples of energy into pockets labeled heat, light or sound. This is perfect for Science Notebooks! #formsofenergy #heat #light #sound #interactivenotebook #sciencenotebook #sorting #science #physicalscience #handson #activities #elementary #sheilamelton

Construction Preschool Packet {3 DAY FREEBIE!!} | Preschool Powol Packets

Apple theme counting activity for preschoolers. A fine motor apple tree activity for learning numbers.

Snow science table! Polar animal themed activities and centers for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Penguin directed drawing FREEBIE! #polaranimals #polaranimaltheme #preschool #prek

Fun toy for young kids to learn moon phases. Tutorial on blog. - Happy Tot Shelf

Worksheets: Life Science Learning: Life Cycle of a Frog

Utilizar los materiales reciclables en los trabajos del estudiante, una de las ventajas es que economiza y reutiliza los elementos que están a su alcance. Además su aprendizaje se hace más dinámico adquiriendo mayores conocimientos en su proceso académico.

Pumpkin science! Explore in the parts and life cycle of a pumpkin with preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten kiddos. Perfect for fall or Halloween.

Magnets in the Science Center - Play to Learn

Walking water science experiment that is so much fun! This rainbow science activity is super cool!

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