Looking for engaging math resources to teach kindergarten addition to 10? This bundle is exactly what you need. It contains 9 units with a wide variety of activities to help your students master math addition strategies. It is perfect for math centers, homework, morning work and distance learning. #kindergartenmath #additionworksheets

Addition to Ten - Adding Fingers

Teaching in Progress is written by veteran teacher and curriculum designer, Nikki Sabiston. She shares classroom management strategies, techniques, and ideas and creates teaching resources to enhance literacy, math, and behavior management in the elementary classroom.

FREE Reading Strategies Bookmarks

I created these posters so that my students can have visuals when discussing different strategies from the book, The Reading Strategies Book, during guided reading! I make these posters as I use the strategy so there is no particular order and I will be adding more at random, so be sure to check bac...

Make fraction reference cards that double as bookmarks. | 19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

This checklist includes a variety of strategies that the teacher can either…

Fix-Up Strategies

Addition Strategies for Second Grade

9 Highly Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies For All Levels Of Readers | Literacy in Focus | A Blog For Teachers

Fluency anchor charts from TeachersPayTeachers

Calm Down Strategy Cards for kids ( toddlers, autism, special needs and kids with self-regulation issues) to help them self-regulate and cope with anxiety and anger. FREE download #calmingdownstrategycards #calmingdown #calmdowncards #calmingcards #copingskills #parenting #emotionalregulation #calmingdownactivitiesforkids #childrenactivities #angermanagementforkids #anxietyinkids #autism #specialneeds #autismclassroom #therapy

16 Reading Strategies to Teach This Year, a great guide to have for planning literacy instruction and during small groups

Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC: TOP TEN LIST: Word Retrieval Strategies

Dyslexia Strategies Fun way for kids with dyslexia to remember b, d, p and g. DyslexicKids.net

Chatty class? Blurt beans will save your sanity! Complete directions for how to implement this positive behavior management system in your class tomorrow!

I plan to use these in my 1st graders fluency book bags which go home each week with leveled readers so parents/students have a reading strategy resource right at their fingertips.

A great resource to teach students to decode unfamiliar words! It’s a great warm up for guided reading! Includes seven decoding strategies and posters. Over 900 task cards! beanie baby decoding strategies, phonics, word work, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, reading, reading instruction, guided reading, task cards, intervention, reading intervention, craft boxes, task boxes

Breaking up the second number is a fantastic strategy for multi-digit addition. Many students prefer this strategy over the left-to-right addition strategy, and it can be more efficient. For the full step-by-step tutorial and free printables, please see the link in profile. #mentalmath #teachingaddition #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #teacherspayteachers #shelleygrayteaching #freeprintables #mathactivities

FREE Strategies for Reading Longer Words Pack (Updated)-This Reading Mama

Free Subtraction Strategies reference poster in the downloadable preview - illustrates 8 strategies

Select Two and Reflect (STAR) is another one of my favorite content area reading strategies to boost vocabulary! It really makes students think about which words are important and how they are connected. I love that it encourages diverse thinking because there isn't just one "right" answer!

Solving word problems

Reduce toddler frustration by teaching sign language in daily routines: Part 5 Descriptions and Locations — Speech and Language at Home

Quiet turtles classroom management strategy that kids LOVE! Lots of wonderful behavior management strategies to help with a noisy talkative class

Subtraction activities and games help students learn the subtraction strategies. Introduce the strategy with an anchor chart with your first grade or second grade students. Follow with motivating subtraction games and activities to develop each mental math strategy. #subtraction #subtractiongames #factfluency #mentalmath #firstgrade #mathgames .

These math fact fluency addition games were designed using the mental math strategies. Research confirms that students learn the basic math facts quicker if they learn them in the context of the mental math strategies. Mental Math strategies not only help students increase their math fact fluency, but they are understanding number sense and how the numbers are related to each other. $ #PrimaryFlourish #TeachersPayTeachers #MathFactFluency #AdditionFacts

Addition strategy anchor chart for second grade!

V-Neck Cardigan With Long Sleeves. Patch Pockets At Hip. Ribbed Trim. Front Button Closure.

Sarah's First Grade Snippets: Teaching Comprehension Strategies and Skills


9 Research-Based Teaching Strategies for Elementary Teachers

Texas HomeSchool Online #HomeSchool

Have you been searching for a quick reference of texts to support you in teaching comprehension skills? I have researched and gathered some of my top Mentor Texts to Teach Comprehension Strategies. These texts can be used to teach skills such as: Main Idea, Summary, Context Clues, Character Traits, Setting, Cause and Effect, Inference, Drawing Conclusions, Predictions, Timeline of Events, Generalizations, Fact and Opinion, Connections, Author’s Purpose. #readingcomprehension #readingstrategies

The First Grade Parade: Reading Comprehension

Teaching students to use math strategies made easy. Ideas and visuals for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Math strategies for solving problems.

Helping kids become independent readers and actually apply the reading strategies and skills you teach is one of the hardest jobs of a teacher. These reading strategy bookmarks are a great tool to help your students remember how to apply everything you teach them in your mini-lesson. The front of the bookmark provides information about each strategy and skill and the back gives thinking and question stems.

Teaching students to use math strategies made easy. Ideas and visuals for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Strategies cards, math warm-ups, word problems, math tools all work together to help make using strategies easy for students.

Check out 8 ways to support your English Language Learners (or ELLs and ESL students) in the classroom that will help build their vocabulary, support academic success, and help with social language. The key is to strive for them to feel comfortable, safe, and successful. These activities and strategies are simple to implement into any classroom with any lessons. #ELLStrategies #ESLactivities

The only reading comprehension strategies you will need for the entire school year! Free GIST Summary printable included. Take the stress out of reading comprehension planning! #freeprintable #readingcomprehension #readingstrategies

Students in 4th and 5th grade still need decoding strategies and instruction. This post shares my go-to decoding strategies with free introductory activities (and a free decoding prompt guide for teachers!)

FREE set of math strategies posters or anchor charts for addition and subtraction. Great for reference through the year and to reinforce core concepts (free download)

It\'s important students are learning their multiplication strategies such as arrays, repeated addition, equal grouping, and skip counting. So why not make it engaging with these ideas and activities that you can download for FREE?

These money management tips and ADHD strategies can make it SO MUCH EASIER to manage your money in a detail-oriented, time-sensitive world.

9 NO PREP addition games that teach addition strategies! Great addition activities for kindergarten and first grade!

Learn the simple, quick strategies cognitive scientists say can boost student learning in any classroom.

iTeach 1:1: Strategies for Figuring Out Unknown Words (Freebies)

My version of a test taking strategies anchor chart.

Writing Strategies for the Beginning of the School Year - Kindergarten Smarts

long division strategies for introducing long division. Perfect for 4th grade. FREE long division practice maze

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