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People of all ages and both sexes can develop alopecia areata, but it usually first appears during childhood and can be different for everyone who has it.

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This teenager decided to embrace her alopecia in her senior photos. Now, her snaps are making the rounds on the internet.

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When Mother Nature has an answer to everything, she does have an answer for alopecia too. There are natural home remedies to use to curb the Hairfall menace, say holistic experts.

Experts reveal the reasons behind hair loss, from pregnancy to over-dying your hair and traction alopecia.

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How To Treat Alopecia Naturally: This condition can cause your hair to fall out in patches and cause distress. If you have noticed extra hair on your brush or odd bald spots while looking in the mirror, you might have alopecia. What is alopecia? Are there any treatment options? Keep reading to find out. #Haircare #Hair #Alopecia #Remedies #HomeRemedies

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If you have been newly diagnosed with alopecia, this article will cover ways to cope with friends and family as well as strategies for coping mentally and physically.

This Septwember we are continuing our celebreation of Alopecia awarenss month, and to add to the celebrations we would like to support and share the launch of Alpecia UK's new magazine in line with their 15th year anniversay!


Here's everything you need for your at-home natural traction alopecia treatment. If you're experiencing hair loss or thinning around your hairline or temples, you need this list to stop hair loss and encourage hair growth. | traction alopecia treatment | #HowToPreventBabyHairLoss

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HAIR loss comes in many forms and its underlying causes are equally as varied. Alopecia areata is a common form of hair loss and applying a seed-based oil has been shown to effectively counter it.

EXTREME HAIR GROWTH OIL / AYURVEDA OIL/ HOT OIL FOR RAPID HAIR GROWTH & INCREASE HAIR VOLUME. It retains the natural luster of the hair, encourages faster hair growth and fight Alopecia. #HairLossTreatmentOrlando

> 100% Human Hair Wig > Style: Silky Straight is carefully crafted with our professional hairdresser stylist > Color: #2 Dark Brown > Density: 150% > Premium Quality: 100% Human Hair (lasts up to 12 months with proper care)

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Are you unaware of ‪#‎Alopecia‬? What are it's types and how important is to take immediate call to get rid of it? Want to know the natural remedies? Then you must watch this video and if you find it informative then don't forget to share with your friends.

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It's not just hair.

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