In this article, I will make the case, that the ancients were very familiar with the Vagus Nerve, the autonomic nervous system, and found it to be so important that they dedicated great works of art…

The north door at St Edward's Church, Stow-on-the-Wold, flanked by ancient yew trees. Picture © Nick Turner, courtesy Cotswolds Conservation Board

Ancient Roman Art Projects

Temple of god Khenoum -Esna -Egypt | Flickr

01. Ancient human ancestor Homo erectus ate cooked food as long ago as 1.9 million years. #homoerectus #ancestor #ychromosomaladam #earth #millionyearsago #factrepublic #wtffact #knowledge #funfact #history #food #interesting

Ancient #Egyptian bronze #daggers with electrum blades and ivory handles.

This ancient coin seems to show the head and shoulders of an alien being

Maya or inca style blue linear totem icons. Aztec ancient symbols isolated on white background.

My Children's Curriculum: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams

Arch of Triumph [now destroyed] Palmyra, Syria

The Qixi Festival, known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, is a wonderful ancient tradition that celebrates everlasting love through a beautiful legend about two celestial lovers. #valentines

An Index of Gods and Goddess of World Mythology, with Content from About.com's Vast Ancient History Archive.

Ancient japanese dragon on Behance

Artist Creates 3D Sculptures Of Ancient Deities And Mythological Creatures With A Modern And Surreal Twist

Episode 77: Ancient and Contemporary Weaving Techniques with Natalie N – GIST: Yarn & Fiber

FREE Shipping Worldwide!!! Egyptian Art – Arabian Art – Handmade Oil Painting On Canvas 100% Handpainted Re-production oil painting on canvas that made to order Ancient Egypt Abstract! Sizes: 50 x 75 cm 70 x 100 cm 90 x 120 cm

Antakya'da Bir Otel İnşaatı Sırasında Tesadüf Eseri Keşfedilen Bu Eşsiz Mozaiğe Hayran Kalacaksınız! - onedio.com安塔基亚 马赛克

Ma’at, the Winged Egyptian Goddess (19th Dynasty) Tomb of Pharaoh Siptah (1197–1191 BCE). Valley of the Kings, Western Thebes. Egypt

Fenghuang Ancient City/ China (by marc d). #travel China Travel Destinations | China Honeymoon | Backpack China | Backpacking | China Vacation | China Photography | Asia #travel #honeymoon #vacation #backpacking #budgettravel #bucketlist #wanderlust #China #Asia #visitChina #TravelChina #ChinaTravel

Warrior Ancient Celts

Elements of the ancient egypt Free Vector



Egypt thin line icons of ancient gods and religion symbols. Stock Vector - 113538175

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