Esta extraordinaria artista pinta el mar como si fuera una hermosa mujer

terra nova Art Print by LouiJoverArt | Society6

Custom artwork doesn't have to bust your decorating budget. With some crafting supplies and a little imagination, you can create your own expensive-looking DIY wall art in no time! #diyart #diywallart #cheapwallart #walldecor #diywalldecorideas #bhg

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I realised recently as I was trying to explain to someone how to paint something ( very vague I know) that I rarely just paint ( as you would when painting a wall for example) . I instead , like so many painters make marks and the more different types of marks I can make the more weapons I have in my painting armoury s

Artist Surprises Beach Goers By Arranging Stones Into Mesmerizing Patterns Along The Coast

Dessin de Gina JACOB . Personnifier Dame Nature dans des portraits à l'aide de crayons et de charbon de bois.

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Illustrator Svabhu Kohli celebrates the splendor of the natural world with intricate works of art. The multi-layered images depict the oceans and cosmos.

Learn how use Gel Medium, in your Art. This versatile craft supply is a must have for Junk Journalers, Crafters, Artists and Mixed Media Artists. Great tips included!

J'ai choisi se dessin car je le trouve très drôle et imaginatif sur ce dessin il y a un chat très bien dessiner et détaillée qui grimpe sur les ligne d'une feuille de cartable j'aime beaucoup le faite que le chat soit noire et qu'on voit les coup de crayon c'est magnifique. L'artiste a eu une très bonne idée.

Esta extraordinaria artista pinta el mar como si fuera una hermosa mujer

This gorgeous watercolor nature print will bring joy, color, and boldness into your space. The 8x10 size makes it easy to frame and perfect for gift-giving. This and many other beautiful, affordable prints can be found in the shop, so go check them out. #wallart #bohowallart #happyart #colorfulart

Un fragmento de piel acariciada, besada, recorrida.

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. We select 15+ of the best captions! and publish them on our website as Wisepicks. Please note the Wise picks for today’s picture will be published at 9:30 pm, (ET) on 15 February 2020 #captionthis #caption

EL CICLO IDEALIZACIÓN/DEVALUACIÓN: La mente del Narcisista #InterestingThings

It's time to start planning our September Bullet Journal pages! From cute hedgehogs to hot air balloons there's a cover page here to inspire you!

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Китаянке Лу Ли Ронг (Luo Li Rong) нет равных в создании реалистичных и женственных скульптур. В ее работах есть ощущение дыхания, легкого движения. Красота тела, изгибы, грация — все это Лу Ли удалось вдохнуть в своих неподвижных героинь. AdMe.ru собрал фотографии самых волнующих и прекрасных творений скульптора. Кажется, застывшие фигуры вот-вот оживут и подмигнут вам с фото!

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Friends are always fascinated by the octopus mural in the kitchen. "The plan was to have a chalkboard for menus and ideas. However, we got attached to the octopus, which Jenny did draw!"

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Let's get back to the bare necessities and see how well you remember The Jungle Book!

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