gender neutral boho safari jungle nursery with giraffe plush and elephant baby blanket #nurseryideas #nurserydecor

DIY Baby Food That Saves You Money and Reduces Waste

Mom life is hard. Make it a little easier with these 20 mom hacks. These are perfect for new moms and moms with a little more experience. #momlife #momhacks #newmom #newmomhacks

Yes please I need to go get more cocoa butter and I love that spray it makes my itchy belly so happy but I never used more than one product together I'm going to have to try this out .. Since my stretch marks for baby number 2 are already trying show! Thank you for showing me this trick of yours I hope my belly can look as beautiful yours! Lol

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Baby registries are really challenging for first time expecting mothers to make because they simply don't know what they do and don't need for a baby. When I made my registry, I got recommendations from a few friends on what to add but I never came across an all-encompassing list of things I needed. So I decided to make one.

Postpartum Care Kit to Relieve Pain and Provide Comfort. Everything the new mama needs in her bathroom after birth. Includes a shopping list for best postpartum pads, best pain relief spray and how to tame other issues.

baby gender reveal idea Amazing gender reveal party inspiration. #genderrevealpartyationideas

Setting up your nursing stations, everything the breastfeeding mama needs within arms reach to make feeding your baby stress free.

Use your yeti as a bottle warmer when you are running errands with baby. These 21 mom hacks and baby tips have made mom life so much easier. Mom life needs to be functional. If you are a new or busy mom make sure to check this out. #babyhack #babytips #momhack #momwin

15 Postpartum Must Haves That Will Save You During Fourth Trimester. As a second time mom, I wish I added these to baby registry. These are baby registry must haves and will save you time and energy during your postpartum period. As an Amazon prime member, I love how easy it is to get these and also get discounts when I put these on the baby registry! #babyregistry #postpartum #postpartummusthaves

Practical must-have baby items to survive baby's first year! Prepare for baby with the simple items you need for baby... #pregnant #pregnancy #baby #newborn #newmom #babygear #babymusthave #babyshowergift

Creating up a dedicated breastfeeding station can make breastfeeding so much easier. Set-up a stress-free nursing zone with these tips.

Congratulations if you've just delivered your baby! We're sure your baby's feeding, sleeping, and diaper duties are already keeping you busy 24/7. Let's add pumping breast milk to the list if you… More

'A name is forever, so we understand why parents desire to give their little girl something that is unique, memorable and beautiful'

Building a stock of diapers before your baby is born will save you time and money in the long run. Check out this post to learn how and why to build up your diaper stockpile.

Free Printable: baby tracker. Helps new moms and dads keep track of feedings, diaper changes, tummy time and other important topics. Perfect for the baby nursery.

Our due dates are estimates. Here is a common chart of estimated due dates just be mindful that babies come on their own time. Congrats!! #baby #conception #pregnancy #damngoodmom

17 things to put in your hospital bag when you're having a baby + 4 things to leave at home #maternity #hospitalbag #newborn #pregnancy

Kinley's Floral Farmhouse Nursery - The Holtz House

Yet, you’ll often wonder if you are doing it right. Worry not! This situation is common to almost every new parent in the world, which means all of you are probably in the same boat (if it is of any consolation). Therefore, we have compiled some of the most common questions every new mom has along with the answers for your convenience #newborn #newborncare #adviceformoms #parenting #newparents

Labor and delivery tips! These labor tips will help you manage your pain when having a baby during natural labor or even induction! Manage contraction pain like a boss with these awesome labor tips.

10 Postpartum necessities for mom you want to have after labor. Once you have your newborn in your arms and bring the baby home, you'll wish you had these postpartum essentials. These postpartum hacks will be a LIFESAVER. Stop being scared of postpartum recovery and conquer it! #postpartum #baby #newborn #parening #newmom #motherhood

How To Properly Clean The Newborn In 9 Pics : After a long wait of nine months, the time has finally arrived when you can hold your tiny bundle of joy. When you are at the hospital, the nurses might take care of cleaning your baby up. However, this stay only lasts for a few days. After that, it is time to return home. #newborn #baby #adviceformoms #parenting #parents #babies

Picking a name for your baby can be a tough decision. Here is a list of strong and masculine boy first and middle names and tips to help you decide.

Easiest way to organize all your baby's documents! #organization #baby #newmom

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

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