Open your heart and you will see the value of the sisterhood! #onewomancan #bethatwoman #onewomanmovement #pinitownitshareit

Lisa Bevere #BeThatWoman - YouTube

Be ready. Be fearless. #BeThatWoman thewaywomenwork.com

Women who rise need to pull other women up whether it's at the work place, class rooms, or in the society. We need to have each other's back so we can all move forward and ahead. . . . . @swapandgive #femaleempowerment #womenforwomen #womenempowerment #womenempowerwomen #werisetogether #werisebyliftingothers #bethatwoman #wintogether #winforall #winforonewinforall

Now is the perfect time to #BeThatWoman. Shout out to Sandra Portugal!! Thank you for participating in our #IAmUndeterred Campaign.

The shoe game: I think this could be so fun at engagement party, wedding reception OR anniversary!

Are you ready to produce in the next season...transition is an exit and entry, it doesn't last always! #bethatwoman #onewomancan #onewomanspeaks #onewomanmovement #iamannamccoy

The voice of a woman is muted when her body fails her! #onewomanca #livewell #refusetofail #livestrong #bethatwoman

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Every day we switch off and operate in auto-pilot. We dismiss all the moments in our life that aren't part of the highlight reel. But the magic happens every day in every minute that can transform your life. www.bethatwoman.co

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I saw this on Facebook sooo cute!! Great idea

Fourth of July outfit idea by sarahnaomixo on Polyvore

10 dicas para envelhecer bem

Tech Savvy Bride

🎄Vlogmas: Christmas Q & A + Storytime | My Holiday Secrets #christmas #holiday #christmasideas #womenover50

Blue gray coffin acrylic nails

2018 Floral Pink Prom Dress Lace Long Prom Dress #VB2157

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