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Filmlerle Sosyoloji - Bülent_Diken-Carsten_B.Lausten

Toplumun McDonald'laştırılması - George Ritzer / Kesinlikle okumalısınız !

10 increíbles libros que debes leer este 2019 Si te gusta leer y eres de las que sí se echa un libro en muy poco […] La entrada 10 increíbles libros que debes leer este 2019 se publicó primero en Mujer de 10.

Go to the library (12/?) Prints, shirts, mugs, & more: RedBubble // Society6 // TeePublic

Rezension zu Cinder & Ella 2 (Happy End - und dann) von Kelly Oram - Rezension zu Cinder & Ella 2 (Happy End – und dann) von Kelly Oram

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Booklover's Life on Pembertea

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Too many books or not enough bookshelves?

Вьюрковая птичка современной литературы или почему все так много говорят о романе Донны Тартт !?

Son İnsan, bugün sıradan sayılacak kadar yaygınlaşmış bir konuyu, insanlığın yok oluşunu ele alan ilk büyük romandır. www.idefix.com/kitap/son-insan-mary-shelley/tanim.asp?sid=NYU2FW9JT0QDNVVC34RK

25 Memes All Bookworms Will Relate To

January, sliding in right on time. (Uppercase Planner)

(59) #amwriting hashtag on Twitter

pollyandbooks: “ Rainbow books on a rainy day. ♡🌧 ”

Sharpay Evans was the last person I expected as a reaction photo relating to books.

Pin for Later: 59 Things Only True Book-Lovers Understand Trying to come to terms with "real" jobs.

Yeah. I like you.

She is a Bookaholic: [Resenha] Paris para um

When we are collecting books, we are collecting happiness. – Visit our resource library and download this bookish wallpaper for your phone. And then tell your favourite bookworm about it so they can get a free wallpaper too! What's your favourite bookish quote?

The is very accurate!

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Books are the best!


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