Today’s Crystal Collection. Dalmatian Jasper, Pink Opal, Turquoise, Chrysoprase, Black Obsidian, Amazonite, Amethyst, Angel Aura, Smokey Quartz.

NEW Workshop: Crystals And The Law Of Attraction

In this blog post I created a beginner's guide to crystal healing. I go into the benefits of crystals, their individual healing powers, and how to use crystals. I also included how to recharge crystals. I started with my first crystals that I think are great for people new to crystals. You can use crystals for Law of Attraction, manifestation, and other spirituality healing. #crystals #beginnersguide #howtorechargecrystals

yes. a big yes. crystal healing left side of the body for pulling in, right side for exiting ... repinned by precious & peculiar

All of these beautiful crystals are available on the Rocks with Sass website. Rose Quartz towers, flashy labradorite, Celestite, amethyst, and spirit quartz

Beautiful collection from Zenful Tribe💎 on Instagram

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Chakra balancing chart with lithotherapy - Balance your 7 chakras with gemstones, healing crystals and color therapy © KarmaWeather®

Looking for stones for your magickal toolkit? Here’s a crash course in 40 of the most commonly available crystals and gemstones. Working with crystals can impro

There are endless possibilities when it comes to integrating crystal healing into your daily life! What is your favorite crystal healing practice? Comment below✨🧘‍♀️💎

Aragonite bolsters the strength of your emotional core, helping you confront painful feelings and embrace past wounds. This clears the way for lasting positive emotional states. Because it acts to balance the energy system and chakras, it is both calming and energizing. Learn more about Aragonite meaning + healing properties, benefits & more. Visit to find gemstone meanings & info about crystal healing. #gemstones #crystals #crystalhealing #beadage

My favorite crystal from my personal collection - I feel limitless when I hold this piece. I look at it and think...I want my soul to sparkle like this crystal does✨ to paint my surroundings with these vibrant colors💕

Crystal Shapes meanings, properties in crystal healing explained. Learn about crystal hearts, spheres, pyramids, wands and eggs... #crystals #crystalhealing

5 Crystals For Boosting Your Sexual Energy

Rainbow Quartz

Blue Aqua Aura Crystal Quartz Cluster ~ CZ61201 Más

Moonstone is a stone for every Goddess. Moonstone intensifies the powerful energy of the moon, allowing you to channel that power through your inner Goddess. White Moonstone will help with any kind of manifestation or dream work you may be embarking upon, especially under a Full Moon. This crystal is also powerful in protecting against negative thoughts or dreams. Keeping moonstone nearby will help you channel the wisdom of the moon and encourage spiritual growth. △ Supports Manifestation

5 lbs Grade A. Amethyst Crystal quartz Clusters / Dark purple clusters from Uruguay WHOLESALE SALE! | Natural genuine stones & crystals in various shapes & sizes. Buy raw cut, tumbled, or polished gemstones for making jewelry or crystal healing energy vibration raising reiki stones. #crystals #gemstones #crystalhealing #crystalsandgemstones #energyhealing #affiliate #ad

Taurus: Emerald, Rose Quartz - Healing Crystals For Each Zodiac Sign - Photos

Lepidolite: Lepidolite Meaning & Healing Properties. Lepidolite relieves worry & overwhelm & helps creates emotional balance. Learn about healing crystals for beginners and gemstones properties at CrystalCurious.com. Create positive energy and learn new age healing techniques with crystal therapy. #crystals #crystalhealing #newage #positiveenergy #gemstones #energyhealing #crystalcurious

Each of These Crystals Has an Energy That Will Change Your Life For the Better

Buy Charm Vintage lady Blue Crystal Snowflake Flower Silver Necklaces & Pendants Jewelry for Women (Sea Blue): Storage & Organization at Narvay.com. Vintage Women Snowflake Charm Pendant Silver Blue Crystal Flower.Blue Crystal Snowflake Frozen Flower Silver Necklace Pendant Charm Vintage lady.

Each moon phase holds a unique meaning and guides our spiritual work in different ways. These 8 gemstones correspond with the 8 lunar phases and will support you during each transition.


Few things instantly lift and shift my mood like crystals: they’re beautiful, they’re magical, and they emanate all sorts of wonderful healing vibrations. Case in point: these 10 crysta…

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