The 20's Cardio Warm-Up #workout #fitness #FitFluential

Cardio workout roundup

FitFluential Flat Abs Workout (click for more flat abs workouts)

Fitness Roundup: 12 Strength and Circuit Workouts including this Weight Plate Workout from Presley at Run Pretty Blog.

10 minute at home tank top arms and shoulders workout

Crazy Cardio Challenge

Fit Fluential

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Back & Bicep POWERCIRCUIT workout! #FitFluential @FitFluential LLC www.powercakes.net #powercakestrained

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Sports Supplements for Men: 5 Picks from NOW Foods - FitFluential

Work Out at Home: No Weights Needed via @fitfluential @whitneyjonesaz

How I Lost 80 Pounds In A Year - Skinny Fitalicious

weight loss healthy transformation

Workout roundup - 12 workouts plus a cardio warmup from the FitFluential Ambassadors More Body Workouts, Workout Pure, Fit Routines Workout, Interval Workout, Butt 12, Butt Workouts, Lower Body Workout, Moving Workout, 12 Workout Move your butt 12 minute interval workout purely training 74! A fast moving workout where you do one exercise after another with no breaks! Quick and fast way to get strong sexy legs! #onlinetraining #fitfluential #homeworkouts Lower Body Workout Butt workout

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At this point, nearly everyone understands that diet is more important than training when it comes to overall health and weight loss. The common statement is “you can’t out train a bad diet.” I would tend to agree. That being said, the eternal question st

10 minute #movember home workout #purelyfitlife with the purelytwins. No equipment needed. Push hard in the 10 minutes to get the most out of the workout. #fitfluential

I need to tone up my booty and can easily do this at home! #PolarShapeUpChallenge #fitfluential

Busy Mom's Workout Guide: Lose Belly Fat--Fast! @jcorebody #fitfluential

Do anywhere kickboxing workout #fitfluential

Best Pilates Home Workout #FitFluential #abs #workout #pilates

YourBodyYourTemple @bradgouthro #fitfluential

10 minute Plank Bedroom Workout! Purely Training #50. Grab your full workout printable and do this workout with us. #purelyfitlife #fitfluential #onlineworkouts

Booty workout (these are a lot of my PT moves, so this would be a great one for me to do at least once a week)

12 sweat sessions! Crush your workouts with these strength and cardio choices from FitFluential.

5 exercises you SHOULD be doing - and why. #FitFluential #workout #strength

#FitFluential Kettlebell Workout!

Commercial break moves: glute burners from Shannon. Use those few minutes. #fitfluential. CHECK OUT THE OTHER 'BADASS' moves.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Compared to her other Workouts #Fitfluential


Butt Blasting Moves

▶ Butt & thigh Burn Workout: Michelle Marie Fit - YouTube #FitFluential

Emily's Transformation Story- Motivation and tips for YOU to be the best self- Physically, mentally and spiritually!

Advanced Plank Exercises #fitfluential

Beginner Workouts: Laura London

Best. TGU. EVER. Turkish Get Up via @Wil Fleming #fitfluential #move

#TRX plank knees to elbows from #fitfluential

barre band workout

How to do a Plank

Never tire of this #fitfluential lady @MizFitOnline

What is TABATA training and will it work for you?

Lisa Balash Kettlebell Bombshell Kettlebell Workout #FitFluential

16 minute tabata workout that works the lower body #purelytraining#96 via @purelytwins

5 Ways To Get Motivated

PLANK FITFLUENTIAL - running for dummies

My weight loss transformation story featured on FitFluential.com

Fat Loss Workout: 11 Speed & Agility Drills - FitFluential

One Year of Clean Eating & Weight Training @FitFluential LLC LLC #FitFluential

purely fit life 20 minute tabata workout purelytwins

Bosu Ball Explained via Fit Flicks #fitfluential

how to do a kettlebell clean #fitfluential

PUSH UP PLANK PULL With The @Everlast_ Fit POWERCORE bag! #FitFluential #sponsored @FitFluential #EverlastFit

INSTANT 4 Week Training Program Downloads NOW AVAILABLE at KASEYARENA.com! #TrueToYouFitness #FitFluential #OnlineTraining

How to do a wall sit. #video Join the challenge and enter to win the Nano4's plus fit gear from sponsor @Reebok!

This week's @LIVESTRONG.COM A-List Look takes your workout outside. Join me for the Balcony Band-It Routine for some fresh air and sunshine as we tone our bodies and get our metabolisms going! #Fitfluential #Workout #Fitness #ExerciseAtHome

500-rep "cardio" workout #FitFluential @FitFluential LLC

Weighted Toe Touches & Leg Drops With The @Everlast_ FIT POWERCORE BAG! #FitFluential #EverlastFit @FitFluential #sponsored

Abs to Zen Body Sculpt (Phase 1 of 3) with Natalie Jill #fitfluential

Reverse Lunge: Michelle Marie Fit #fitfluential #move

Arm Yourself For Summer workout #fitfluential #workout #fitness

How To Choose The Right Kettlebell

How Alcohol Can Ruin your fitness goals

Watch me shake my booty! Cardio Dance & Cross Fit

4 Surprising Benefits of Protein - More Than Just Muscle Building

Bedroom Towel Workout Purely Training

16 minute #tabata #equalizer workout #fitfluential #purelyfitlife 21 via @Karen Thompson Twins

Kettlebell Bombshell Lisa Balash ABs With Pushups

PUSH UP BURPEE ROW with the @Everlast_ Fit Powercore Bag! #FitFluential #sponsored @FitFluential #EverlastFit

Got some dumbbells? Do this at-home workout and get both your strength and cardio in 30-40 minutes! @thefitcookie #fitfluential

@FitFluential LLC POWERLEG CIRCUIT via www.powercakes.net

Before I get any further I have some fan-freaking-tastic news!  I was selected as a FitFluential Ambassador!! This is an incredible opportunity and I am honored to have been chosen!  FitFluential is a “growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round.  FitFluential is Fitness Found”.  FitFluential will match me with brands that … more

Full body resistance band workout from Valerie Waters for Experience Life magazine #FitFluential

Quick At Home Workout

you can't out-train a bad diet! #herbalife #herbalife24 I use the products , have gotten great results and can help you do the same. Contact me at www.blancah21@yahoo.com

GNC Summer Workout 3, Bands!

20 minute full body workout

UPPER BODY PARTNER WORKOUT @Matt Nickles sung Whey #fitfluential

5 Ways To Burn 100 Calories

1st Day of Fitness with Christmas Abbott #fitfluential #livewithfire @Reebok #client

#FitFluential move of the day:Mountain Climbers via @FitFlicks

The GNC Top 10 Pushups

6-pack cardio workout #fitness #fitfluential #workout

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