Una actividad que motiva muchísimo a los alumnos, se adecua totalmente a sus gustos, les resulta muy útil a la hora de comunicarse con "correspondientes" franceses y aprenden sin darse cuenta.


French IR Verbs Conjugation Posters - present tense

If you are in love with French culture and French style, you need to check out The Petite Bijou's french inspired living reading list! Lot's of great books on french culture, french fashion, french food, and everything Parisian Chic! Click through to the post to read all the book recommendations about the French and France!

5 french pronunciation tips

Cette affiche présente les différentes prépositions à utiliser avec le verbe aller.

Classroom posters in French--vocabulary for academic writing, expressing opinion, storytelling words, and more! Free!!

Some of the most common French adverbs that you can make use of to add color to your speech. Plus, download a print-friendly PDF!

Looking for some French YouTubers to make the most of the time you spend on YouTube? Here's 10 fantastique channels + a free French starter vocab guide! >>

This list of 15 top French bloggers is perfect for intermediate French students! I also explain how to make a solid habit out of reading French every week.

More French habits to incorporate into your lives. #frenchhabits #frenchlifestyle #francophile #frenchstyle

Heads up! There’s another post with the new shows from 2016 over here! I’m a huge fan of French Immersion. In just one school year, my son picked up a tremendous amount of spoken and wr…

Learn how to speak and understand French without leaving your home in 3 simple steps.

Once upon a time I studied abroad in Lyon, France, for five months. It was wonderful. I lived with a host family and attended a French university and everything. I ate tons of croissants and Nutella. I even learned the way of the French “bise” greeting. So I thought for this month’s “Brainfood” post I would share with you what I found to be the most useful French phrases I picked up while studying abroad in France. It’s crazy because most of these are things my textbooks did not teach me. It ...

This literal translation of French counting:

This entire string of epic puns: | 17 Jokes You'll Only Get If You Speak French

12 Podcast That’ll Help You Learn French Faster

Learn French with French Lover daily, A word of the day on steroïds, to boost your French vocabulary.

The Best French Movies on Netflix - faraway places

#French expression of the day: ce n'est pas mon truc- it's not my thing Listen to the pronunciation via downloadable audio in the weekly newsletter (link in the page bio)

This confession: | 17 Jokes You'll Only Get If You Speak French

25 French Baby Names that will Have Your Kid Feeling Très Chic

La lettre S: le son /s/ et le son /z/ French Phonics Anchor Charts Ideas. You might know them as "tableaux d'ancrage" #frenchimmersion #frenchphonics #tableauxdancrage #consciencephonologique

Oui In France 5 Tips to make your French more natural

Vintage - Bedroom

French Mattress Cushion Tutorial — August Blues

French Listening Resources: Listen to authentic and spontaneous spoken French #frenchlanguagelearning

15+ French Attention Grabbers - looking for fun and effective ways to grab your students' attention? Check out this list of French attention grabbers and add this strategy to your classroom management bag of tricks!

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US. #francophile #everydayparisian

| Tufted French Mattress Cushion | More

Here are the most popular websites where you can start learning a new language today and it’s free!


Learn French with French Lover daily, A word of the day on steroïds, to boost your French vocabulary.

Französische Farmhouse Design Inspiration & House Tour! - Hallo Liebste

Knit Easy Garter Stitch French Macaroon Baby Sweater Pullover Free Knitting Pattern

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