8. Create an orb out of driftwood.

GlueGunArt: Mask of Imetyk - YouTube

How To Paint A Dreamcatcher - Step By Step Painting

Stained glass on canvas-Would love to take this class (hot glue and oil pastels)

#gluegun #gluegunart DIY wall decors / DIY wall art/ Glue gun art / Hot Glue gun wall decor - YouTube

Glue gun stencils have become my favorite thing to make, taking only minutes and giving a whizzy (new word?), quirky look.  This idea...

Abstract art using acrylic paint and hot glue gun

Hot Glue Gun Art - Spray painted with Metallic Silver, distressed with black paint - giving it an antique metal look. by Ren Sunshine

Glue Gun Art - spray painted in silver and given the distressed metal look with black acrylic paint.

Hot glue painting

Hot Glue Gun Art - Spray painted with Metallic Silver, distressed with black paint - giving it an antique metal look.

wall hanging

DIY Wire Coral Sculpture - 25 Genius DIY Glue Gun Crafts To Make Creative Things - Page 2 of 5 - I Heart Crafty

DIY Hot Glue Canvas Art

How to paint Rainbow lips with drips in this Acrylic on Canvas step by step, free video lesson and traceable. This is perfect for your home painting party. Are YOU ready to Enjoy this Beginners step by step how to paint in this full acrylic art lesson! Image is property of The Art Sherpa and intended for the Students Personal education and Enjoyment. For questions regarding using any Art Sherpa painting in a commercial setting labs@theartsherpa.com

Garden Gift Sculpture Tree Silhouette Outdoor Wall Art

use hot glue for stencils

Make Canvas Wall Art with Glue

This is a guide about making a hot glue basket bowl. Using hot glue you an create a one of a kind basket bowl to add to your decor.

Hot glue gun art & acrylic paint

If you own a hot glue gun, you NEED to see these Tips, Hacks, and Glue Gun Uses. You won't believe the genius uses for your hot glue gun - everything from home hacks to crafts!

3 CRAZY Life Hacks With Glue gun - YouTube

Hot Glue Gun Holder/Stand | Etsy

"NOUVEAU COLLECTION" by LacewingDesign | Redbubble

Irina's wall photos

Design Art Magical Tree 4 Piece Painting on Canvas Set

Hot Glue Embossing 14

The Matchbook: DEMO! Flour Paste Batik

Easy and beautiful bottle craft for beginners #bottleart #bestoutofwaste #diy#glueguncraft - YouTube

(1) Mushrooms Fairy Garden Beginner Acrylic Tutorial LIVE Painting Step by Step #lovesummerart2017 - YouTube


We Lived Happily Ever After: How to make Hot Glue Gun Snowflake Window Clings…

I can't get enough of melted crayons! My new way of relaxing after putting Luke down to sleep: crayons through a hot glue gun onto canvas. The. Best.

A mask made entirely of hot glue.

DIY Hot Glue Canvas Art

The artwork is done with hot glue and a marker! It was very inexpensive, as I used left over house paint, a half price canvas, hot glue for a 3 D effect, and a Marks A Lot marker.

How To Make Whimsical Flower Lights Out Of Hot Glue (And Nothing Else!)

Daisy Painting - Step By Step Painting - Tutorial for Beginners

This post is about 5 years in the making. I mean I AM a girl and a glue gun…. and I’m finally getting around to posting all my glue gun tips and tricks! glue gun 101. cause it rhymes. If your glue gun looks nasty…then guess what? you are awesome. That means you use it…often. [...]

Have fun with old crayons!

126 - Glue Gun Painting - Elephant - YouTube

"NOUVEAU COLLECTION ~ MAELSTROM" by LacewingDesign | Redbubble - looks like a zentangle

Use Elmers glue to create texture!

How to make glue stencils - useful for small projects / art / card making

Make It... a Wonderful Life: Owls, Foil, Glue, and Shoe Polish

11. Make a Textured Roller for Clay

Hot glue a design on glass before painting to add texture

DIY Hot Glue Bowl Knowing this might come in handy.

25 amazing crafts to do with your Hot Glue Gun

(80) How To Paint Blue Flowers On Black Canvas | ACRYLIC PAINTING STEP BY STEP |EASY!!💙💙💙 - YouTube

Uttermost Sterling Trees Hand Painted Art

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

Learn to make this unique piece with a coastal home decor theme.


How to clean driftwood - definitely using this one for all the pieces I've been hoarding to make that wreath!

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