We’ve got Golden Retriever names for boy dogs and girl dogs that capture the sunny and playful personality of the Golden.

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Mom kept wondering how I was getting out! I am an escape artist. Golden Retriever

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Golden retriever in a flower field! :D

The cutest yet totally silly, the Golden Retriever puppies are a delightful addition in our homes. Although they grow up to look massively huge and enormous, let’s face it, these furballs can most of the time tend to be as clumsy and give you the hardest of times. #labradorretriever #labradorretrieverpuppies #labradorretrieverdog #labradorpuppy #labradorretrieverfacts

Dicas para fotografar cachorros: explore angulos diferentes. Por Delicia de Blog. Golden retriever filhote com a cabeça enfiada em um almofada.

There are a few dog breeds who are naturally prone to the affection and devotion required to be an emotional support dog.

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Science has shown that dogs have an overwhelmingly positive effect on our mental health. Just petting an animal for a short period can boost your mood and sense of well-being! Top 5 Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Dog. Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

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When you just need a good smile! Look at a fluffy puppy!


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My coffee break time

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Have you made any New Year’s resolutions to improve your pet’s health?


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