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7 Signs That Your Friends Are The Real Deal

Oh, Neville....

Esse livrinho é só de fanarts, wallpapers, ZUEIRA e várias novida… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

love is in the air

Death Note

Every. single. time. You girls know I am OCD..:-) @Altina Bahja Musabelli @Erica Ritter

haha harry potter nerd!

It's pretty much an excuse to not do work in class!! At least that's how I see it!!

Good uncle Loki

Hahahaha xD

hunger games problems | 9GAG - Hunger Games Problems...?

Caption that reads, "This is so accurate I can't f*cking breathe" above a pic of Loki with his hands on his hips, next to a pic of a snake with little arms drawn on to look the same

Being as fabulous as Snape is bound to generate envy

Assassination Classroom Memes - Others - Wattpad

33 Random Memes To Improve Your Terrible Tuesday - Memebase - Funny Memes

Hahahahaha! I can’t- I can’t stop laughing!!!!! It is taking me a while to type this! Oh it hurts hahahahahaha! #peterparker Hahahahaha! I can’t- I can’t stop laughing!!!!! It is taking me a while to type this! Oh it hurts hahahahahaha!

All right friends, so now we have to go to the Crayola factory so we can get some of these.

This is so bad, buttttttt its Harry Potter so I am honour bound to pin it!!!!

Okay, so I've never seen Harry Potter, but I know who Snape is and this is hysterical!

Plant Me Like One of Your French Gardens

Oh my gosh yessss my friend Bartholomew and I loved raiding the castle

And learning to open up to another living thing will help you find true peace of mind. | 11 Skills You Need To Learn To Master Adulthood


I need to do these at one point. They r hillairious!! Lmao

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Lol poor Lou

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this is my life .... | Whisper - Share, Express, Meet

Haha....volleyball and Harry Potter!!!!!!! -hahahahahaha this made me laugh really loudly for a looooong time....

Liam Payne / Zayn Malik / One Direction

Well I have.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics

Need advice on things to not do? Here you go. #funny #protips #stupid #lol


Teenager Posts this is a perfect explanation!!!

That's just awesome.

33 Memes and Funny Pictures You Most Definitely Need #funnypictures #funnymemes #funnypics #lol #memes

A Great Megalodump Sighting! - Imgur

This is the best thing ever.

Duck dynasty

Whale, whale, whale... - Imgur

wrap it in latex

He's the one!

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Teenager Posts

Friends Things We Remember

Saw this on my facebook feed, thought you might find it funny

This decision: | The 28 Greatest Dad Jokes Of All Time

I don't play halo but this girl is awesome

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