Spending addiction destroys financial stability, relationships and trust

Identity by crayon2papier

Art class inspiration: Identity. would switch this up to put Bible verses and sayings to remind us of our identity in Christ.

Artist Michael Reeder Explores Identity And Sense Of Self | Forbes I

1x.com is the world's biggest curated photo gallery online. Each photo is selected by professional curators. ‘’I can’t find myself’’ by Lucynda Lu


'Hidden Identity' Final Foundation Project outcomes by Michelle Robb, via Behance

Barbara Kruger : You Are NOT YOURSELF ('83/84) - FRAGMENTED, BROKEN MIRROR, TENSION, NEGATION OF IDENTITY: Cultural Theory of schizophrenic subject (POSTMODERN) and dissolution of self

Micaela Lattanzio Explores The Fragmentation Of Female Identity - IGNANT

Brazilian artist, Marcelo Monreal, weaves pop culture motifs into digital art. His collages explore human identities by deconstructing the faces of famous figures such as Kate Moss, Lana del Ray or Naomi Campbell. Embellished with colourful flowers, there is something utopian about Monreal’s representation of fame and human character. Still, the idea of his art is…

Hidden Identities by Stefan Gunnesch | Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006

Cultural Identity Seen Through the Politics of Thread

This beautiful piece of art shows a link between Order and Disorder very clearly. Could be used to show Skeleton.

cheryl sorg - thumbprint portrait....awesome twist on self portraits. have kids stamp their thumb print in ink, have them draw out the pattern, have them write words describing themselves, books they like, music they love along the patterns of their print

Drucksol reisepass mit foto reiner vs In this series of works in progress, I examine the question of personal identity in the age of digital information. The series shows a search for biographical traces in self-portraits with sewn-in original documents, beginning with my birth certificate and continuing on to the SIM cards that are in everyday use and in which my Self is saved in digital format. The conclusion to this series will be a collage including my death certificate, to be put togethe

"What is Schizophrenia? Definition, Types and Symptoms of Schizophrenia"

Juana GómezDistaff.02, 2017Hand Embroidery, Drawing and Photography on canvas78 x 52 cmUnique

use ball of tissue paper

AgeMaps is a project by photographer Bobby Neel Adams in which he does “photo surgery” on portraits to show two different moments in a person’s life in the same image. For each subject, Adams takes a childhood photo and a current photo, prints them at the same proportions, tears them in half, and glues the halves together. He says that this is to “telescope the slow process of aging into a single picture,” and that “a jump of time is established at the tear.”

Annegret Soltau. More

Fingerprint With Barcode

Twenty one-year-old photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression in powerful self-portraits. The series of black and white images illustrates the photographer’s experience with depression and anxiety. In an attempt to raise awareness of the topic, Honaker says about the project: “Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic. If you ever bring it up in conversation, people awkwardly get silent, or try to tell you why it’s not a real problem. When I was in the worst parts of depr...

Andreas Poupoutsis, Hidden Identities, Digital Photography, 36" x 24", July 2013

Melissa Wilcox - Identities - Mixed Medias - 20x20

Andreas Poupoutsis, Hidden Identities, Digital Photography, 36" x 24", July 2013

My Mixed-Race Identity Has Enriched, Not Confused Me

Experimental Portraits by Ellie Apolston-4

pass me by. fingerprint x gelatin print 120 | darkroom print | self

Manny Robertson- Embroidered Metropolis

Valentin van der Meulen, a French artist, has made in 2012 and 2013 two beautiful series of portraits called “Unseen” et “Untitled”. The artist turns his black and white portraits into abstract artworks in which he destroys the identity and the faces’ features of each person thanks to charcoal and black stone.

Picture Distortion, like the other tape on fave pictures its simple to do but a good example of distortion

home is where the heart is | read | i-D

Embroidered cultural heroes – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Spontaneous self-portraiture by Isabella Bubola questions the true meaning of identity | Creative Boom

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

New Logo and Identity for World ORT by Firma

Cine a la Vista identity

Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Founders Pledge by Mast

Susannah Benjamin "Identity Crisis"

The Brand Identity — Bringing together the world's best graphic design

Recovering from Loss of Identity

50+ Brand Identity Design Examples That Impress

A Simple Guide to Creating Your Company’s Brand Identity Kit | Elegant Themes Blog

Magazine - Massive Charcoal and Oil Paintings by Shin Kwangho

identity crisis

Photo taken by Arjan Benning: This person's website has such an extensive portfolio I couldn't find information to anitate this! But I love the idea! It would be great to try in class!

Mother Design's graphic system for Bodily makes sense of complicated female medical topics — The Brand Identity

Marcelo Monreal’s Pop Culture Collages

Mo? Package and Identity - Mindsparkle Mag

Sergei Sviatchenko

Teresa c Freitas

A closer look at Droga5's identity for Coal Drops Yard

A series of logos for architects UP&OUT. From discussion and brand strategy with the client, we established a logo and brand identity which was as versatile as the projects they took on. No two projects the same and as with identity it gives UP&OUT a uniquely tailored logo for each application.

Effective use of text combined with image. Self Portrait 1

Artist research Francois Neily - painting done with a palet knife, GSCE Art Identity

Manon’s Personal Identity showcases the business card and augmented reality designs by the Montreal-based graphic designer, Manon Louart. The branding makes use of a blue/purple-toned colour palette, combining pastel violet shades with deep royal blue, along with gold foil. Organic print pattern designs are animated for mobile and web viewing.

Kaibosh identity

Ureed.com is an online marketplace for freelancers to connect with employers looking for professional and trusted services. The brand identity designed included different concepts to express the brand essence of freedom combining that with brand name initials.

The Power That Comes With Being Yourself

An art project about our identity

Last year event inspired us to create a fun concept Identity for the upcoming event in November 2020. Expanding our creative thought seeing something new and different in 2020, we used abstract con...

Project #2 Me, Myself and I Chuck Close Shows how artist can represent identity in different ways and mediums. He has a unique style in showing identity.

moments of perfect clarity: seeking inspiration in saul steinberg's work

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These sketchbook pages are part of the research and planning in an A Level Photography project exploring the theme ‘Hidden Identity’. The inclusion of test strips is beneficial (even in digital photography these can be produced, testing different contrast, lighting and colour filters that have been applied to an image); images are neatly trimmed and positioned on the pages. Articulate, well-reasoned annotation adds to the sharp, clean presentation style.

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