Perhaps not the best place to build?

Red Squirrel on a Branch Photographic Print by Duncan Shaw at AllPosters.com

OHHH !!! - IT'S A PANDA TREE!! (Obviously they really do exist! ;) 💚

Abeja Melifera

Image: Antilope young at Berlin zoo

Precious ~

i lerv squirrels

Red Panda.

Love the color

Needle Felted

The Artichoke, Mary Fedden



Ragdoll cat

Waiter...there is a boy in my soup...

A romantic squirrel appears to have gone all-out for Valentines Day, presenting his love interest with a bright red rose. The shot was taken by renowned squirrel photographer Max Ellis, from Teddington, South West London.


Squirrel by Richard Martel



There are no words...

B and E squirrel

Matthias Luetolf (National Geographic Photo Contest 2012)

Ghé thăm những Hình ảnh đẹp được chia sẻ trên mxh VietLike.vn các bạn nhé

Arte .....

Colorful little critter

Natural Hive from God's Wonderful Creations

Вы уже собрали абрикосы? Может нужен помощник?🐁 Мышка Аришка с удовольствием поможет 🤭🐭 Высота мышки 14 см. Мышка при доме. Sold #мышка #мыши #maus #animals #pets #feltingwool #сухоеваляние #сувенир #игрушкаизшерсти #шерстянаяигрушка

Beautiful feral honey bee nest

Hoe rot uw dag ook moge zijn: alpaca's hebben de gave om toch een glimlach op uw gelaat te toveren. Reden daarvoor is hun haast onevenaarbaar komisch...

Looks like My corn lover darling :)

Magnifique ruche sauvage Beautiful wild bee hive


What a mess of a bumblebee! Total joy!!!

Bee sculpture

Bee here now


Langstroth Hive with a Green Roof

Bijtjes met dorst ...

🔥 Highly successful honeybee 🔥 : NatureIsFuckingLit

Tomb Raider Tree at Ta Prohm | I believe that this is the gi… | Flickr

// Look at all that pollen hanging on the sides of this guy. Looks like saddlebags. Yay! Keep pollinating little bees. Keep our world alive. P

Honeybee Eye

malformalady: European honeybees find cool relief on a summer day, using their straw-like tongues, or proboscises, to sip water from a backyard birdbath. Photo credit: Kathy Noteboom / Grand Prize by National Wildlife Federation

A nice section of fresh nectar and pollen with a group of house bees - again the tree canopy is reflected in the nectar

Looks like a Bumble Bee to me.

Is your garden complete with a Mason Bee house yet? Why you need a Mason Bee house next to your garden...

Wild bee hive


Covered hive stand. Photo by the author. #raisingbees

This photo was taken by the owner of the hive. The beekeeper forgot to put the frames in which the bees collect honey, and the bees built their own architecture from the honeycomb, which takes into account natural ventilation, so that the air can flow freely and maintain a stable temperature.

Arch Students Build a Hive - Photo 3 of 19 -

Wild Bee Honeycomb

Bees - So Fluffy

The Power of Beeswax Lowers Both Pain & Cholesterol - Dr. Axe

Windmill Farm: Beehives, Bee Skeps in Gardens and Home Decorating

Wild Beehive | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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