And after that dumb science test and what Jenna said in the bathroom, it was just like… | Why Chandler Bing Is Like The Teenage Girl Inside Of All Of Us


Real life isn’t like anything you see in romantic comedies. Your bae will not organize a flash mob for you in Grand Central.

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This post shows you step by step how to make a cardboard soccer table from the cardboard. It's really fun. You can make it and play table soccer with your kids. I assure you this cardboard soccer table will keep the kids entertained for days. I do hope you like this idea and that you feel inspired! If you enjoy it, don’t forget to share it with your friends! Chech the link to have the tutorial.

You can never have too many study hacks when it comes to finals season. We've put together some of the best tips and study hacks so you get an A!

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“At least I’m not a CARRIE, who acts like she’s a martyr to the very concept of love.” | Which "Sex And The City" Lady Was Actually The Worst?

They are fun for the whole family. If you’d like to have some great time together

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Como cuando se te escapa un like a una foto de 2006. O_O

Ask Anything on BeanStyled Tumblr. Health, Fitness, Beauty- serious: “and most importantly, love your body ”

Lover, Not Like ~ Are you sometimes confused by disagreements and conflict between Christians? Shouldn't Believers get along? It's true that applying Biblical principles to our relationships will improve them, but we are still imperfect people. [...]

Gingerbread Snowballs – this easy snowball cookie recipe tastes like gingerbread! It’s the easiest holiday cookie recipe and perfect for giving. It combines two family favorite traditions: gingerbread and Russian Tea Cakes.

19 Beautiful Scottish Words That Everyone Needs In Their Life

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“I don’t know how it is you are so familiar to me – or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before – in another time, a different place – some other existence.” — Lang Leav

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If you're anything like me then you probably find yourself returning to the sunshine melodrama of The O.C. whenever life tends to get a bit rocky. It has all the answers you could ever need about life, such as, "How do I get my dream-babe to like me?

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These holiday pecan hand pies shaped like little Christmas trees are SO DELICIOUS and are the perfect bite-sized dessert! Gooey pecan pie filling, warm pie crust and that amazing glaze makes the perfect Christmas treat! Using frozen pie crusts makes this Christmas dessert really simple to make! Such a fun treat to add to your list of Christmas baking ideas!

I wonder what its like being attractive enough to have random people have crushes on you

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When you feel your peace threatened, which Bible verses will help you alleviate anxiety, stress and worry? Many of the characters and authors in the Bible knew what it was like to feel anxious…But you don’t have to keep on worrying. Here are 10 Bible verses for anxiety that’ll destroy worry, reclaim your peace, and bring you rest. #Catholica #Bible #BibleVerse #Scripture

40 Quotes From Men About Women, Women's Rights & Feminism

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Someone who is the reason for your happiness; a soulmate; a forever lover = He could always count on Olivia to cheer him up. She was his wonderwall.

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A funny t-shirt in pixel art with captions : "You took my heart", and a missing heart like in retro games. --- pixel, heart, captions, funny, pixelart, pixel art, videogame, geek, text, love, cute

47 Dank History Memes That'll Make You Feel Like A Scholar

Some Like It Hot

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"Kindness is like snow—It beautifies everything it covers." - CountryLiving.com

LOL SO TRUe like if i have a crush on you i come off as not liking you or say something stupid like "your shirt matches the tablecloth" or "your eyes look like those gummy eyeballs from halloween" and yes i actually said those they just smiled and said "what"

This holiday, there’s no place like your place.

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