NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “Who said microblading can’t look natural? 😝 • • • #browshaping #microbladingnearme #nikabrowbabe #browlamination #losangelesbrows…”

Jessica/LA Microblading Artist on Instagram: “Up close and personal with the fluff! / I can’t wait to bring you all the brow glow ups after this is all over / 🤍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀…”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “Snatched AF brows via shaping + staining - cannot wait to shape brows again!⁣ •⁣ My client came in with asymmetrical and sparse brows. She…”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺 on Instagram: “I love creating strokes that fall how natural hair would ✨this way, you get realistic brows that will fool even you 🙌🏼🤍”

Nika freshened this client's faded microblading, giving her brows life again!

HAIRY LITTLE THINGS on Instagram: “Microfeathering right after a touchup. The second slide is healed Microfeathering strokes. Notice how the strokes are much further apart…”

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HAIRY LITTLE THINGS on Instagram: “I don’t know who needs to her this today but, microblading is everythinggg.”

HAIRY LITTLE THINGS on Instagram: “🚨NEW BROW ARTIST ALERT🚨 We are running a $300 microblading promotion through the end of August for @nikabrowbabe. DM us for an appointment…”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “I am SO HAPPY to announce that @hairylittlethings LA is OFFICIALLY OPEN! Thank you all so much for being patient with us ❤️ ⁣ •⁣ My client…”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “The power of naturally placed hair-like strokes that elevate your brows to 💯”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “That new brow fluff 🤤 • Swipe to see her healed results before her touch-up!”

BROWS BY NIKA on Instagram: “LAMINATION FT. @wtf.lashco Stay tuned for an IGTV where I perform the service on @hairylittlethings very own expert lash artist! ✨💃🏼”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “How cute is she? Brows by me ❤️”

@beautyby_meaghan on Instagram: “The bestest model came to see me for a lash tint and brow tint today. She’s havasu readyyy 😻🚤🚤”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “Hot DAMN my clients are gorgeous! • HEALED lip blush + microblading on this babe. Name a better duo than lip blush and microblading...…”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺 on Instagram: “Natural strokes in a soft shape to accentuate the features 🙌🏼yes please! ✨ DM me to get on my wait list 😊 #saveoursalons

HAIRY LITTLE THINGS on Instagram: “Just like heaven ☁️ Feather’d by @alixandriacapparelli

@ohheybrows shared a photo on Instagram: “WOW🤯From no brows to dangggg. Now this client doesn’t have to fuss every morning drawing on her brows. These soft strokes enhance her…” • Aug 30, 2020 at 1:12am UTC

Jessica/Microblading Artist on Instagram: “Beautiful brows for a beautiful lady on her birthday! I can remember having so much fun doing this transformation 👏🏼 who else would love a…”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist’s Instagram profile post: “There is so much satisfaction with subtle brow enhancements. ⁣⁣ • ⁣⁣ Before and after microblading for this lovely client of mine. Her…”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺 on Instagram: “Come in with your quarantine brows, leave with BOMB brows ⚡️🔥 EVERYONE, even your mom, will be fooled that the microblading is actually…”

HAIRY LITTLE THINGS on Instagram: “New Fluff.”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “Oh how I LOVE my blonde transformations 💃⁣ •⁣ This cutie over here drove 3 hours just to see me. She already had full brows, but because…”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺 on Instagram: “✨Just a little here and a little there✨ Client desired some framing strokes in her brows to accentuate her shape! Microfeathering brings…”

@beautyby_meaghan on Instagram: “Lamination + Tint is 🔑 to enhancing your natural, beautiful brows ✨”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺 on Instagram: “Back and better than ever 😜 I know you’ve been dreaming about bomb brows during quarantine- allow me to create that dream for you. DM for…”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺 on Instagram: “TBT - Look at these blondies! Serious level up 👌🏽 My greatest joy is making people believe these brows are your’s ✨”

Jessica/Microblading Artist on Instagram: “Before & After Microfeathering touchup 😍 Microfeathering is a unique service that @hairylittlethings offers. DM us to find out if your the…”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “My client here messaged me a few weeks ago letting me know that microblading was the best decision for her, especially during quarantine.…”

🌺HAYDEN | Brow Artist 🌺’s Instagram profile post: “Soft lift at the arch for brows that naturally grow downwards ✨ LOVE how this new shape opens the eyes & accentuates this beauty’s amazing…”

NIKA | Brow + Lip Blush Artist on Instagram: “No tail? No problem. I got you covered. My aim is to include as much of your natural hairs as possible in the outline so that they blend…”

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@beautyby_meaghan on Instagram: “Throwback to a lamination for the godddds 🙌🏼✨ i mean, her brows are just perfection.”

@beautyby_meaghan on Instagram: “this green eyed beauty came in for a clean up and fresh tint 🧼 @hairylittlethings

HAIRY LITTLE THINGS on Instagram: “Beautiful stokes by Jessica in LA @browsbyjessicaj

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