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Relationships and marriages aren't easy - they take work and time and care. But sometimes we can be distracted by the little things. This is a lesson in what is important in a marriage as well as why you should stop being a butthole wife. #marriage #grief #widow #christian

Follow the Five Languages of Love for a Happy Marriage

Want to spark off some conversations with your husband and have some deep and meaningful chats? Why not use these 15 questions to ask your husband about your marriage as a starting point and some inspiration? And it's a great date night idea too!

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Christian marriage tips, tricks, and advice for a happy and successful marriage; Proverbs 31 woman; christian couple | Danielle Among Lions

Looking for advice on how to be a better wife? While there may be no quick fixes or special secrets, here are some things you can start doing today! #marriage #familylife

How to navigate marriage and motherhood: Relationship tips for new parents.

10 Ways to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage--little things to do everyday that will make your marriage feel sexy again, rather than just routine.

Check out these 16 Common Marriage Problems that Couple's often Face! These marriage killers are huge causes for divorce, so make sure that you are prepared to fight these common issues, and keep your relationship with your spouse happy and healthy! #marriage #relationshipgoals #marriedlife

Creating a marriage vision board is a great way to have a visual reminder of the plans, goals and visions you have for your marriage. Click...

Even Christian married women need love advice when it comes to sex in marriage with their husband. We long to feel that youthful desire and passion again and need marriage encouragement when we are struggling to know what's okay and is it okay and biblical to be sexless or have no sex. it's not. We need to have true love, intimacy, bonding, loving and submission God's way with our spouse. Healthy marriages have sex AND purity. #marriage #sex #struggling

36 Questions That Will Help You Fall in Love With Your Spouse Again - so dreamy and romantic!

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8 Signs You're Not A Couple Anymore...You're Just Roommates #relationships #dating #marriage #break-ups #advice

Love this quote on what makes a strong marriage! Choose to love even when you might not be liking them at the moment. :)


Marriage prayers are a powerful way to invigorate your relationship. Discover 12 of the best prayers for married couples and start praying together today! #marriage #Christianmarriage #relationship #proverbs31woman #Christianwife

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Dress Silhouettes #Dress

67 Things to say to your Husband to encourage him and to build your marriage.

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What's ok in the bedroom for Christian Couples? | intimacy | christian intimacy | intimacy in marriage | intimacy in marriage tips | Christian marriage || Arabah Joy #intimacy #intimacyinmarriage #marriage #christianmarriage #marriageadvice #marriagegoals

5 essential ingredients for greater intimacy in your marriage, best marriage advice on how to spice up your marriage and remain happy couples, practical ideas on how to have a successful marriage inspite of the several challenges, best marriage tips and encouragement #marriageadvice #relationshiptips #marriagetipsandencouragement

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Boy did I get it all wrong in the early days of my marriage! I hope some of these insights fuel your marriage with love, joy, and tenderness. I'm praying for your happily ever after! | Let your husband be a man | Biblical Marriage | How to respect your husband | Honor your husband | Christ based marriage | Christian Marriage

DIY-Geschenk zur Hochzeit: Ehe-Notfall-Koffer - schnell & einfach - Ich habe einen Ehe-Notfall-Koffer gestaltet und eine genaue Anleitung erstellt, Tipps, wo die Materialien gekauft werden können & Bilder als Beispiel!

Marriage & divorce advice - experts say this is the number one predictor of divorce in a marriage. Learn how to make your relationship stronger from these couple who didn't stay together.

The best 6 tips to keep your marriage strong, happy and spiced up after having kids. Just like every newlywed couple we had our struggles (and some more) but we keep our love alive. Check our tips for a successful, healthy and happy relationship with kids. Tip #4 is an easy fix for every couple! #honestlyalexandra #marriage #newlywed #kids #parenting

Take a step back and look at your marriage. Are any of these toxic marriage habits happening in your relationship? #marriedlife #marriage #relationships #marriageadvice

Marriage prayers are a powerful way to invigorate your relationship. Discover 12 of the best prayers for married couples and start praying together today! #marriage #Christianmarriage #relationship #proverbs31woman #Christianwife

Want a 50% better marriage? Try the 10% approach. Several small select things yield big results.

I can't believe I didn't realize this! I wish I knew... 31 Small Acts that Will Strengthen Your Marriage - This Blended Home of Mine _ Marriage, Marriage Problems, Marriage Advice, Marriage Tips, Marriage Goals, Relationships

What goes into a joyful and loving marriage? So much is made up of these small things. So beloved bride -whether newly married or not- here's a gift for you! ~ Club31Women via @Club31Women

Are you? A marriage built on leftovers is not a fulfilling Christ-shining relationship. Here's how you can learn to pour your best, not your least, to your marriage.

Marriage Tip - The 6 O'Clock Dinner

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