Merjem 🌈 on Instagram: “I will miss summer. My garden had so many beautiful flowers this year. . . . #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #naturelover…”

{closed: cassidy [nasci]} Today the sky seemed to be trying to fight itself, like a war of red vs. purple. But it didn't seem terrifying, it just seemed pretty. The girl sat on the edge of her apartment complex's roof, staring at the sky with not a care in the world when {y/c} came up next to her and plopped down. "Did you ever learn how to be stealthy?" Class asked as she looked over at her new companion. "It's a trait that comes in pretty handy from time to time, just like when people are just

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~ Outdoor Sports Ideas | Activities | For Adults | Photography | For Kids | Outfit | Games | Summer | Equipment | For Teens | Men | Extreme | Hiking Trails | Camping #mountainbiking #Outdoor #hiking #sports #Running #Trailrunning #naturelover #backpacking #campingclothes #climbing #skydiving #rockclimbing #extremesports

Clouds gather over our small town of Oakley Utah some float by and some drop a little moisture. I capture this beauty in oil on 5x7 canvas. #art #clouds #originalart #summertime #naturelovers

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Another simple but beautiful print.

plante balcon ouest hortensia bleu violet fleur - blog déco - clem around the corner reconnaissable à travers ses bouquets formant de grandes boules rondes et harmonieuses Rose rouge bleu et blanc bouquet qui embelliront à merveille votre balcon nature lover sweet flower blue and purple handsome landscape deco idea for garden design exterior #sweet #landscape #handsome #cute #flower #nature #naturelover #flower #plant #terrace #deco #garden #deco #blog #design


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So cute !!!

Se você está atravessando uma fase complicada da sua vida e precisa muito dar uma virada na sua situação financeira, trabalhar com suculentas na sua casa é uma excelente ideia para TRIPLICAR os seus rendimentos rapidamente. O mini curso para trabalhar com suculentas ensina tudo o que você precisa para começar a ganhar dinheiro já na PRIMEIRA SEMANA de curso! Clique e veja!

Vuela en la oscuridad, brilla con tu propia luz.

Sala de estar tem estante com livros, parede de quadros, rack vintage preto e muitas plantas.

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