How to cook steel cut oats in the instant pot - with 6 different healthy, delicious recipes! You’ll LOVE how quick it is to make these vegan recipes for breakfast! #steelcutoats #steelcutoatrecipe #howtocookoats

Quick and Easy Oatmeal - 6 Ways – How to Cook the Perfect Bowl of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats with Six Healthy & Delicious Recipes. A quick & healthy make ahead breakfast for cooler fall / winter mornings with creamy results every time. Best of all, gluten free, refined sugar free & includes stovetop and Instant Pot pressure cooker instructions. Banana Nut, Blueberry, Peanut Butter & Jam, Almond Joy, Apple Cinnamon & Strawberry. #glutenfree #oatmeal #oats #breakfast #instantpot #backtoschool

Got 2 minutes? Then, you have time for a healthy breakfast! Make our 2-Minute Microwave Oatmeal. This recipe tastes exactly like chocolate chip cookie dough AND it’s healthy. #oatmeal #easyrecipe #healthybreakfast

This Peanut Butter Oatmeal is a YUMMY and healthy breakfast to start any day with. An easy oatmeal recipe that takes 5 minutes to make! A vegan and gluten free friendly breakfast. | asimplepalate.com #asimplepalate #breakfast #oatmeal #healthybreakfast #peanutbutter #veganbreakfast

Want to learn how to make creamy steel cut oatmeal that is healthy and thick? This easy recipe has you covered. Made with steel cut oats, maple syrup, and almond milk, this oatmeal is the best for vegan and dairy free eaters alike. #steelcutoatmeal #vegan #veganrecipes #oatmealrecipes #creamyoatmeal

Simplify mornings with a quick and easy homemade maple brown sugar oatmeal. Dairy free Instant Pot oatmeal recipe using rolled oats and real maple syrup. #adventuresofmel #InstantPot #breakfast

BEST Fall Breakfast Recipe! Pumpkin Oatmeal. Enjoy the flavors of pumpkin pie for breakfast in this quick and easy to make oatmeal recipe! Instructions for stove, microwave and overnight! #pumpkin #pumpkinspice #oatmeal #breakfast

This gingerbread oatmeal is filled with all of your favorite warm spices and is the perfect healthy breakfast on a cold winter morning! Vegan, GF, DF. #21dayfix #2bmindset #mealprep #portionfix #breakfast #healthybreakfast #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #vegetarian #kidfriendly #healthy #weightloss

This oatmeal recipe guide has all the toppings you could think of for your breakfast. Oatmeal will never be boring again!

This Almond Butter Banana Oatmeal is so easy to make and is a delicious healthy breakfast. Creamy almond butter, crunchy granola, and fresh fruit. It is packed with whole foods, nutrients, and is great to start any day with! | asimplepalate.com #breakfast #oatmeal #asimplepalate

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal - Stephanie Kay | Nutritionist & Speaker

A creamy bowl of wholesome oatmeal perfectly flavored with a blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla! This warming spiced oatmeal tastes like your fave chai latte. Save this pin!

This Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal has all the warm flavors of pumpkin pie in a quick and easy breakfast idea. Transform ordinary oatmeal into something special on cold mornings. Breakfast doesn't get much easier or more delicious. Print the full recipe at TidyMom.net #oatmeal #oatmealrecipes #bakedoatmeal #pumpkin #pumpkinspice #pumpkinpies #breakfast

Healthy Apple Pie Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies – only 71 calories! Soft, chewy & so easy to make! Perfect for kids & quick grab-and-go breakfasts! (And they freeze well too!) ♡ healthy no sugar oatmeal breakfast cookies for kids. easy healthy clean eating breakfast cookies.

The BEST Oatmeal Recipe with 6 Variations | Instant Pot & Stovetop

Crock-Pot Apple Pie Oatmeal - Wake up to the aroma of this easy Crock-Pot Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe that has been cooking overnight in your slow cooker. [Gluten Free, High Fiber, Low Calorie, Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, Vegan, Vegetarian & just 4 Weight Watchers SmartPoints per serving!] #CrockPot #SlowCooker #Recipes #Breakfast #HealthyRecipes #WeightWatchers ♥️ CROCKPOTLADIES.COM

This Maple Pecan Baked Oatmeal is filled with wholesome #oats, studded with chopped #pecans and lightly sweetened with pure #maple syrup. Fancy enough to serve for brunch, but awesome as a make-ahead breakfast for the week as well. #eatingbirdfood #bakedoatmeal #mealprep

HEALTHY Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Baked #Oatmeal Recipe For #Breakfast #vegan #food #health #chocolate #glutenfree

These easy Zucchini Oatmeal Cookies are surprisingly light and fluffy cookies made from oats and shredded zucchini. #zucchini #cookie #oatmeal #baking #dessert

Put breakfast on autopilot with this easy summer peach baked oatmeal recipe. It's packed with fresh peaches for sweetness and heart-healthy pecans for crunch! #mealprep #breakfastrecipes #peaches

Healthy Sticky Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal- Easy, delicious and a hit with everyone, this is the perfect breakfast or healthy snack which can be prepped in advance! You'd never believe it's so healthy! {vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free recipe + high protein option!}- thebigmansworld.com

Healthy Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies – these skinny cookies don't taste healthy at all! You'll never need another oatmeal cookie recipe again! ♡ easy carrot oatmeal cookies recipe. soft chewy gluten free carrot cookies. simple carrot cookies for easter.

This Carrot Cake Oatmeal recipe is the perfect hearty and healthy breakfast. Best of all, it's so easy to customize and comes together so easy in just 30 minutes. A delicious and warm breakfast for spring and the Easter holiday.

This Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal tastes like dessert for breakfast! This oatmeal is sweetened with a banana and has cocoa powder and chocolate chips to make it super chocolatey. It's gluten-free, refined sugar free, and vegan.

Keep these healthy baked oatmeal cups in your fridge or freezer for an easy, healthy breakfast! There’s four different flavor options so you’ll never get bored. Perfect for meal prep and for kids. Vegan + gluten-free.

Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal

Triple Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl - Oats are cooked with frozen berries and then swirled with vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of crushed hazelnuts. Such a good way to start the day!

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

These Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies are your favorite old fashioned oatmeal cookie made even better! With the addition of dark chocolate chips and chopped fresh cherries, they’re a sure sign that summer’s finally arrived.

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Maple Oatmeal | Make this oatmeal ahead of time and store in single-serve containers for a quick, hearty breakfast!:

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