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Are we like those bored couples you feel sorry for in restaurants? Are we the dining dead? I can’t stand the idea of us being a couple people think that about. | Community Post: 27 Magical Quotes From 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind'


This Boho Apartment Shows How to Add Loads of Color to a Standard Rental

12 Scripture-Based Quotes to inspire 12 Scripture-Based Quotes to inspire

Dumbledore Harry Potter Quotes Printable

potter inspo quotes, Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes, Every Wizard Should Live By These 15 Harry Potter Quotes

Romantic Quote Poster - Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Literary Quote Print. Fine Art Paper, Lam -

Cancelled Stickers. Download this free set of cancelled stickers perfect for cancelled plans in your planner. Available in standard size, mini and also with the spellings of Cancelled and Canceled. #plannerfreebies #planneraddict

Thirty-Eight Memes & Tweets With A Little Something For Everyone - Memebase - Funny Memes

Printable life quotes. Need inspiration or a little pick me up. Simply download, print, and have a happy day. #quotes #printable

Take That Math! A commenter stated: "So inefficient! Here's the real way to do it: 2 x 0 = 0 [AND THEREFORE] 2 = 0/0" All of this is hilarious. And I am clearly a nerd.

30 Inspirational Quotes To Read When You're Down | Streets, Beats and Eats

Even the most zen of us experiences some parenting anxiety This is a great reminder of how to cope from positivelypresent Writing or getting outside always helps us settle down and gain perspective Thanks to megactsout for putting this on our radar selfcare selflove newmama postpartum parentingwithpurpose

50 Spot-On Motivational Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Soar -- womendotcom

Check out these free printable quotes for some encouragement to keep up that growth mindset!

Figure Out English Episode 39 Ways to say 'Hurry up' in a conversation. Improve your speaking skills. Learn English online. #learnenglish #english #phrases #conversation #figureoutenglish

Atoms consist of 99.99999999% empty space. That means: the computer you're looking at, the chair you're sitting one and you, yourself are mostly NOT THERE.

where has this knowledge been all my life?!

The inspirational quotes on the wall of this Alabama school are giving us all the feels

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Encouraging Daily Meaningful Connections - CheezCake - Parenting | Relationships | Food | Lifestyle

How Do You Design and Organize a Beautiful Home Library? What Kinds Of Lighting Should You Use? See examples today, on Hadley Court

Printable Dr. Seuss Sayings | 15. Dr. Seuss Quotes ~ My favorite is, “Don’t cry because it’s ...

I love that what you know & what you can do can change at anytime!  This is exciting news, right? These growth mindset quotes are good reminders of just that

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