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Oh Fuck yesssss

Gosh....unfortunately, this statement applies more & more these days.


Exactly how I feel...

Person: did you cut your hair? Me: no, I just dyed the tips invisible.

Clean comebacks and roasts

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Sarcasm (noun) - The brain’s natural defense against the less intelligent.

Chandler Bing, The Sarcasm King

"My sarcasm will probably get me killed. One day someone could hold a knife to me and I'd probably say "what are you gonna do, stab me?""

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To those who are planning to raid area 51

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Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 40 Pics

YAS and even more when they can match the smart ass! That's why my uncle is my fav. We're the same damn person haha.

Because if I'm not sarcastic I'm just awkward.

Strikingly accurate ;)

Sarcasm Picture Quotes

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