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Cultivate gratitude daily

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Be here now

adventure can be just outside the window of your new home! I can help you with the process to get there.

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During labor I kept telling Ron I want you present. He kept saying I AM...no I want you present. No phones out! So, God is using this in my life now with Reagan. Quinn put your phone down and be present with Reagan. Be Present Not Perfect! BE PRESENT...the words God is continually reminding me of! What are ways I can be more present?

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Build a life that feels amazing on the inside #encircled #soulnotes #quote #quotes #inspiration #mondays #monday

Für mehr innere Kraft & Klarheit schenke ich Dir die stärkenden SoulNotes , die Deine selbstgesteuerte Neuroplastizität boosten. Das ist die Fähigkeit unseres Gehirns sich selbst zu verändern. Mögen Sie Dich mit Deiner Kraft verbinden und Dich in Deiner Klarheit bestärken Deinen Weg zu gehen. #soulfulness #mindful

Für mehr innere Kraft & Klarheit schenke ich Dir die stärkenden SoulNotes , die Deine selbstgesteuerte Neuroplastizität boosten.

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Open roads...

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"For extraordinary results: Insert a little hustle and a lot of love." #quote #inspire #soulnotes

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5 Ways to Improve Your Monday!

Life can be amazing when you are the right kind of Weird ~❤️~

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we all are

"The Shift Everyone Is Talking About" -

just be yourself

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A very wise man, Deepak Chopra

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The Tao.

Eleştirilmeye kızan, kabul et ki, bu eleştiriyi hak etmiştir." (Cornelius Tacitus, Romalı tarihçi, M.S. 55-120) Quantum Physics

Suffering is training

Visit tinybuddha.com for more inspiration!

Visit tinybuddha.com for more inspiration!

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Yoga helps you to free your self from your ego...

your soul is not bound


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Quantum Physics

"You may cover the sun with your hand, the sun remains the same. You may cover your Divine Soul with the human body, the Divine Soul remains the same. Focus on what remains, the cover is just a cover." ~ Shanti Ananda.

The highest form of wisdom




"Life is Meant To Be Lived Unreasonably" -


You were made to be YOU. Stand in your own personal power. Be your authentic self. ~ Empowerment quotes

I am constantly creating myself.

Restoration Hardware Lion statue. I just picked up a small one at a 2nd hand shop. A favorite of my already!


Couldn't be more true <3

Change your attitude, change your life!

11 Important Tips To Raise Your Consciousness | Collective-Evolution

"Refuse to Decide Where You're Going, Until You Get There" -

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