These FREE pop-up 3D nets are the perfect resource for teaching surface area. Check out the blog post for everything you need to make them in your classroom.

Teach nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns with these ideas and activities for the first, second, and third grade classroom

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How do you encourage acts of kindness in your classroom? ❤ February is a great month for a Kindness challenge! Challenge kids to complete one each day or a certain number each month. We like to use a kindness calendar to keep track. It’s all about spreading kindness, right?💗Find more ways to teach kindness at the #linkinprofile or leave a comment for a link! #kindness #kindnesschallenge #kindkids #actsofkindness

I talk about the wonders of Google Slides CONSTANTLY and frequently refer to it as the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite. It can do all kinds of things! In this post, I will show you 25 Things You Didn’t Know Google Slides Could Do. | shakeuplearning.com

2D Şekiller

Not sure what to include in your Substitute Binder? Read my tips on what pages to include!

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Mini trash cans are perfect for sorting words by parts of speech… so many ideas for teaching reading and writing on this post

Free Daily Check-In Google Forms for Distance Learning

Teaching Story Elements- includes a matching freebie for interactive notebooks!

Mental health in the classroom is a growing concern. Support your students' mental health needs with the tips in this blog post and grab a FREE check-in poster and printable "I Wish My Teacher Knew" notepaper that the kids will love using.

Winning Over Parents - Hillary's Teaching Adventures

How you can build escape rooms as learning activities for kids and young adults! Did you know you can really teach ANY skills with an escape room? This post shares info on how you can create your own activities and puzzles to help your students learn.

Erin Castillo, an educator at John F. Kennedy High School in Freemont, California, created a mental health check-in chart for her students.

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Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Point of View with Pictures! This is an amazing way to teach literacy skills!

A better way to teach classroom procedures and expectations on the first day of school.

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