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This twisted prankster…

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Zeit mit Glück verplempern | ZWO:STE

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idiots! we live with these kinds of people all around us every day?!....This would prolly be me

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This helpful dad...


my dad wouldn't do this, but i can imagine you're Dad doing this for the both of us! lol

And best of all is that they'll always love you, even when you text them at 3 in the morning about a fart.

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Love .. that's funny

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This is sad cuz this was before anything happened and half of it is true.

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I could see my brother doing this

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おかしいいたずらメッセージ#funny #pranksの#messages _ lustige streichnachrichten _メッセージデfarcesdrôles_ bromasのgraciosasのmensajes _面白いいたずらは、人々、子供のための面白いいたずら、面白いいたずら大学、面白いいたずらビデオを引っ張り、面白いいたずらを笑いが止まらないことができ、ボーイフレンド、十代の若者たちの面白いいたずら、簡単に面白いいたずら、陽気な兄弟、友人のための面白いいたずら、仕事で面白いいたずら、面白いいたずらのための面白いいたずら、おかしいのための面白いいたずら #面白い動画

I'd never do this, but I must admit I laughed out loud.

Going to say this next time someone texts me K

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This issue. | 29 Text Message Fails That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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