Your mind is a garden. What are you growing right now? It's time to be refreshed mentally by spring cleaning your mind. Get your free checklist with 12 easy ways.

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"Who hurt you? My own expectations"

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44 Simple But Meaningful Quotes That Will Make You Feel Happy In An Instant | Thought Catalog

Une vraie girlboss ? Retrouvez toutes les autres citations motivantes et inspirantes sur le blog ! #inspiration #quote

Your integrity shapes who you are. That means you don’t have to ask yourself whether you’ll do what is right or wrong every time something comes up, you just do what you think is right… Because that’s who you are (or who you’re becoming).


Rely on you. Rely on your power to overcome any challenge. Don't allow the fear to kidnap you. Know that you are always supported and you will always be. Believe in yourself no matter what. #selfconfidence #selflove #enjoylife (Image shared by Quotes & Thoughts)

Chapter 13 | I must be dreaming (Akatsuki Kittens) - Story | Quotev

7 Things To Remember To Be Happy | happiness, inspirational, motivational, quotes, personal development | #thealignedlife #quotes #happiness

Simply Living - Think Happy Thoughts with These Motivational Quote and Affirmation Phone Wallpapers

"Tears are the words the heart can't say"

Nature does not hurry and yet every thing is accomplished. Inspiration - The Magic Onions

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You deserve ALL the love... ALL of it! . . #youdeservethelove #love #quote #sparklesnsprouts

Inspiring motivational quotes about sobriety

When she didn’t care what other people thought: | Carrie Bradshaw's 23 Most Iconic Lines On "Sex And The City"


Even If Nobody Cares

Life Lessons From "How I Met Your Mother" - Good rule of thumb for college and beyond: "Nothing good EVER happens after 2a.m.!"

When she didn’t care what other people thought: | Carrie Bradshaw's 23 Most Iconic Lines On "Sex And The City"

Each week we bring you a talented female artist who produces incredible quality content and this week, we've picked Koreen Odiney, the creator of Instagram account We're Not Really Strangers. #art #women #woman #female #artist #inspiring #daily #meaningful #instagram

My favorite quote. "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything."

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Girl, you totally got this | 2018 quotes from @cydconverse

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