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These are called Arctic Hares! With eyes closed they look like polar tumbleweed.

white lion! In 2004 they counted only 30 alive in the entire world!


Shoot taken before sunset by WOW ! PHOTOS on 500px

A chimp bottle feeding a leopard

She saw the kids playing on it and now she meows until you rock her.

This pill-shaped M

A baby elephant sitting on a girl

Baby ocelot.

Ermine Weasel

This piece of garlic that is only one clove: | 26 Things That Will Make You Say…

The vampire squid

Like father, like son.



A hug makes everything better.

Green Turaco . Pretty green bird

Probably the best job in the world.

Le Dolomiti www.languageandthecity.com

"Just wait until your father gets home!"

Till the end

Irrawaddy Dolphin pic.twitter.com/FsV7hN1tCL

Glaucus Atlanticus pic.twitter.com/YokE9mVpUw

Spider crab.

Crabs actually loves hiding inside a jellyfish.

A true friend is someone who helps you win the girl.

This happens for extended periods of time.

Peacock in flight.

sunset from coogee

This apple disguised as a pie chart:

Amazing image of a swimming tiger pic.twitter.com/8oCN16cgaB

Why do they do this? 8 ton Orca jumping 15ft out of the water

That's what Baby Stingrays look like

On and on.............

This is what a sheep looks like who hasn't been shorn in six years

photographer:sylvia lilova

Barreleye - The Fish with the Transparent Head pic.twitter.com/wCPdztp6rA


Christopher Designs- @Richter & Phillips Jewelers www.richterphillips.com

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This is what a Glass Wing Butterfly looks like. Nature is amazing.

Nature up close by WOW ! PHOTOS on 500px

Manatees are born underwater and mothers help their calves to the surface for their first breath of air.

This rescued tortoise was in need of some love. He made pals with these (rescued) dogs. One big multi-species family.

In Netherlands, Nikolai the walrus couldn't believe his eyes when he was presented with a fish cake on birthday.

Little & cute, Pygmy Marmoset, the smallest monkey, doing its not-so-convincing re-enactment of a famous Mike Tyson moment..

kai love | Tumblr

A crown of clouds.


Lion's Head, Cape Town, S-Africa

#PEI scenery sunset at Covehead Beach

Beautiful northern light over The Atlantic Road! Foto: Einar Engdal

Lightning illuminates Guyana's Kaieteur Falls after dusk - ©James Broscombe

Participated in the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge on May, 24, 1987, San Francisco / Marin, California. Somewhere in that crowd is me. There were so many people, that the center section of the bridge bowed down, instead of up.

Beautiful day on the coast. San Francisco, California. iPhone. Camera awesome app.

beautiful image by Tyler Branch Photo



Derweze is a village of about 350 inhabitants located in the Karakum desert, approximately 260 km north of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. In 1971 drillers ran into a cavern filled with natural gas. The land below the drilling rig cracked leaving a hole 70 meters in diameter. In order to prevent poisonous gas release, it was decided to burn it off. It's been burning ever since.

Alaska! Cant wait to go back

Amazing. And then the little one is swimming right beside mom.

I like this but i dont want a foot tattoo

Baby Mugger Crocodile (Crocodylus Palustris)

This windshield crack that looks like a bird:


times square. 1958.

Kenya masai mara

freediver over the airplane wreck in the bahamas

Green sky of Alaska


by Andy P R O K H - How cute!

Iowa tornado


NOT actually a "Spanish dancer jellyfish" (there's no such thing) – but gorgeous digital art by Francis le Guen.

Little octopus looking so nice!!! : octopus

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Sea Slug

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