Here comes the sun. Seriously, the sun is going to come out. Winter may have felt like it lasted years (or decades), but springtime has finally sprung and with it comes the promise of better weather. These fun outdoor accessories will help you put that newfound sunshine to good use.

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Coleus plants, bright colors, easy to grow and durable. Grown as annuals in pots, create colorful borders in full sun, bright light and partial shade. MORE

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Dreamy conservatory sun room filled with orchids and warm wood furniture.

Gorgeous large rounded shrub with glossy leaves that stay dark green all year-round. Ju Dee Camellia has heavy blooms of showy, light pink flowers with full ruffled form resembling a peony. This attractive Ju-dee bloom continuously from late winter into early spring Sun: Needs full sun to partial shading Size: Ships 16" tall and 15" wide Hardiness USDA zones are 7 to 11 Medium maintenance. Too much water retention can increase susceptibility to fungal diseases, including root rot, black mold, bl

This beauty has unique, horizontal, feathery, deep-green leaves and showy spikes of dark purple-blue fragrant flowers that radiate outward and downward from mid-summer up until winter. Good for borders, containers, hedges, mass planting, and specimen planting. Sun: Needs full sun in order to thrive Size: Ships 21" tall AND wide Hardiness USDA Zones are 5 to 9 Water deeply, regularly during first growing season to establish extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Clip spent flow

This gorgeous Lily produces velvety 3-inch white blooms with occasional accented occasionally with single lavender stripes in spring, summer and fall followed by glossy green foliage that intensifies into an attractive purple bronze hue during winter. Its strong growth and profuse blooms make Autumn Lily perfect for mass and foundation plantings. Hardiness USDA Zones are from 6 to 9 Size: Ships 18" tall AND wide Sun: Plants will need to be exposed by full sun to partial shading in order to thriv

Gatsby Moon® oakleaf hydrangea has huge mophead flowers that give a distinctive, showy look to this beloved native species. The tightly packed, pure white florets create very full, conical panicles with a unique pillowy effect. As the bloom ages, it turns a nice shade of green that lasts through summer. Exposure Full sun, Part sun USDA Zone 5 - 9 (-20°F/-28.9°C) Height 6 - 8' Width 6 - 8' Type Deciduous Bloom Time Summer Flower Color White Foliage Color Green Liner Sizes Quart Size -Quick Turn

Get a head start on creating a luscious landscape with these early blooming spring flowers. Plant them ASAP to brighten up your garden! You'll love these low-maintenance, sun-loving flowers that come in a variety of garden fresh colors.

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In winter boxwoods provide structure and in summer they act as a dark backdrop for blooming perennials. Click for great ideas for adding boxwoods to your garden.

(Crassula perforata x Crassula rupestris var marnieriana) "Baby Necklace" ~ up to 3/4 day full sun or bright, filtered light, good drainage, frost hardy, cold hardy


Begonia 'Red Fred' at San Marcos Growers - Magnolia maudiae smiling forest michelia This evergreen magnolia is a late winter bloomer producing white flowers from 4 to 6 ½ inches in diameter with an intoxicating fragrance. The first few years it will grow 2 to 3 feet in a growing season. Does best in full sun to part shade with protection from north winds.

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Frithia pulchra • Baby Toes • Succulent • Endemic to South Africa. Magaliesberg from Hartbeeshoek to the Rustenburg, hardy to 25 degrees, full blazing sun to part shade, bright pink magenta flowers bloom in Spring, prefers gravel and loose soil, summer grower, water thoroughly then allow to dry perfectly, light, sporadic water during winter

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String lights aren't just for winter holidays. Patio light strings can provide a cozy place to read a book in the summer or bring extra light to the party when the bonfire runs low. #stringlights #patios #bhg

Oh to be able to blush like Sedeveria 'Lilac Mist' can. So dreamy. Even Gymnocalycium mihanovichii friedrichii is trying to get in on the act the only way it can. This ridiculously 💜able softy is one of our patented intergeneric hybrids (US PP29,643 - if you're into that sorta thing 🌱🤓). And 'Lilac Mist' only gets more irresistible as it clusters. Get in on this living pastel magic via the link. #pastelsucculent #sedeverialilacmist #plantparents #altmanplants #succulenthybrid #succulentplant

Volcano® Ruby Phlox - Monrovia

Pyrus ‘Kieffer’ espaliered in the rear garden; the pears need little winter chill and are blight resistant

Wondering how and when to divide your hostas? We have the answers! Divide every 3-4 years in spring, summer or fall (although late summer is the best time). Dig up your entire hosta and you will notice the individual plants; look for the crowns, and then divide the clumps. Finally, you should replant your hosta divisions and water well.

Burgundy Poppy Windflowers ♥️ More

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Kalanchoe Panamensis or Kalanchoe Marnieriana is a cute leafy succulent that can grow up to 18 inches tall and 3 feet wide. #succulents #houseplants #kalanchoe #panamensis #marnieriana #kalanchoepanamensis #kalanchoemarnieriana #leafy #minigarden #windowsillgarden #homedecor #unusualhouseplant #apartmentdecor #apartmentgarden

Crassula Capitella

Hellebore, Kingston Cardinal

This beautiful purple succulent shows off when it is “happily stressed” in cold weather or lots of sun. It is winter hardy, making it the perfect accent for rock or outdoor container gardens. #sempervivum #semp #succulents #outdoorsucculents #succulentga

Gazania rigens 'Big Kiss White Flame'

Adding trees to your front yard instantly adds value to your land as well as shade and privacy! Conifers are some of the best trees to plant because they are low maintenance and offer year round color. Flip through our gallery of conifers that range in size.

Crocus In Snow Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Sven Hastedt

Krasavitsa Moskvy LilacGrow in reasonably fertile, well-drained soil in full sun; prefers neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Promptly deadhead spent blossoms to produce more robust blooms for the following year. Prune lightly or renovate in late winter or early spring to maintain a healthy framework, remembering that most species form flowers the previous season. Plant in areas with good air circulation to thwart disease.

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50 Perennials | Hybrid hellebore. A winter-flowering perennial. Helleborus - Height 45 cm / Spre... - Hybrid hellebore. A winter-flowering perennial. Helleborus – Height 45 cm / Spread 45-60 cm, Zones 4-9b, Shade/Partial Shade. #perennials

Top 10 Black Plants and Flowers to Add Drama to Your Garden

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