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IKEUCHI Hiroto (@ik_products) / Twitter

Peugeot Triporteur This is a fantastic Model,,,I would like one for real!!

Don’t forget that directly following the Olympics comes the Paralympics. Those amazing athletes will have the benefit of this cutting edge technology to help them try to medal.

Polygon Concept Bike. inspired by human DNA. has controls for your ipod built in to the steering area.

5085048101: Barrel Table from wildwings.com

three-wheeled neracar

Steampunk bracer leather brass gauge tools...a custom work, but good for inspiration

Personal Mobility Vehicle #Concept


My husband made this from soda bottles, wood, and plastic tubing from the hardware store. The gauges are stickers. The other parts are misc he had in the garage. Turned out better than my original idea.

The 'Steampunk Big Daddy Gun' Revamps Nerf with a Rockin' New Look Published: Sep 29, 11 References: etsy and technabob If Nerf rifles could look any more badass than it already does, then it’d look a lot like the Steampunk Big Daddy Gun by Etsy designer ‘faustus70.’

Sanayi Devrimi'ni görmedik; ama tarih kitaplarında ya da belgesellerde o dönemlere ait araçların nasıl göründüğüne az çok aşinayız. Peki modern


Violet, this one's for you. ;)

Chariot Skates /// This is what I'd love to try for going distances, not just half a mile, but several--and it must be such great exercise that it's got to be way up there...

Industrial #Design Excellence Award...its just #awesome

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Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Amazon Kadın Heykeli Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Oy Karadeniz - Hasan Yüksel

Bandırma Vapuru Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel

Batı Park Samsun - Hasan Yüksel


Doğu Park ve Bandırma Vapuru - Hasan Yüksel

Looks like a #steampunk depth charge in Tumble Terra. #indiegame #ios #tumbleterra

Antique Chinese wooden water bucket with iron ring at the top of bucket. Ring may have been used to lower bucket into and of out well or fas...

Wow! steampunk-wheelchair-greg-hurley-02

Well it's going to be done this summer, I'm making a steampunk backpack. Copper, Gears, Gizmos and Doodads. It's happening.

Ripples needs her own armor.

This instructable was created to be entered in the Robot Challenge. If I win, the parts will of course, go into robots like this one. Notes on how to include...

Wheelchair con costumes - Awesome!!! - EPBOT: MegaCon 2014, Part 2

How to make steampunk goggles- ME LOVE

"The Steampunk Tricycle" Fantasty assemblage by artist Roger Wood. More on www.ArtsyShark.com

im not sure if it's based on a BMW engine, but it kind of looks like it... The “GL1-m” Mikhail Smolyanov CONCEPT

The Impressive Cyberpunk Accessories Of Hiroto Ikeuchi – Design You Trust

Now that's a cool use of stilts & costuming...The Galactic Stilt Walkers by chooyutshing, via Flickr

Steampunk Goggles by CraftedSteampunk

French Industrial Series Waterwheel and weather station by Guilmet

メディアツイート: Endura(@Sheftelija)さん | Twitter

My scrap metal Poe Dameron X-Wing fighter

Unique robot III. Robotic creature 3d render.


Cadeira tanque?

DIY Steampunk Goggles by Michelle's Party Plan-It. Steampunk costume inspriration for Halloween and cosplay.

Skate With Me If You Want to Live

Arduino ile tank robotu yapmak bir o kadar basit ve zevkli bir iş bu robot avuç büyüklüğünde ve isterseniz uzaktan telefonla bluetooth ile kontrol edebilir

surreal, yet functional cyberpunk tech by hiroto ikeuchi

Yapacağınız kapak dahil kitapta paylaşacağınız arka planları bu kitap… #kurguolmayan # Kurgu Olmayan # amreading # books # wattpad

Safety first

funny night light funny night light

Steampunk bicycle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Why ride a motorcycle? Riding is something most people don’t have to do, but rather feel compelled to–for a wide variety of reasons ranging from passion to practicality. One of the most distinct things about riding is that nothing feels quite like a motorcycle; the thrill of being at one with a two-wheeled freedom machine …

1 Pair Knee Support Power Lift Spring Joint Brace Pads Breathable Knee Pad Fitness Sports Protector

The Golden Compass Concept Art - Mrs. Coulter's magisterial carriage. Can I get an "awesome!"?

Transatlantic gondola by Gian Andri Bezzola - Imgur

by Tinkerbots, via Flickr - Dan Jones

Safer Inline Skates - I’ve given up on the Hoverboard. Once I saw the Mercury skate, I realized that this was the cheap transportation of the future. ...

my hoof stilts by MonstrositiesNZ

意外と知らない?プジョーの歴史…3ケタの車名はバイクが先だった | レスポンス(Response.jp)

MLyzhe Bouncing Jumping Stilts Shoes Men Women Fitness Exercise Fun Sports Carbon Fiber Anti-Gravity Running Adjustable Strap Boots

Star Wars : de magnifiques sculptures fabriquées avec des matériaux recyclés

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Gate locks

satyr costume - Google Search

Micro Electronic robots | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Miniature Toy Robots Made from Recycled Electronic Components toys robots recyling by Portugese product designer Marco Fernandes

Poweriser Jumping Stilt Classic. The Poweriser consists of a thick aluminum frame with a long lasting quality fiberglass leaf spring as the backbone. An extreme exciting and interesting alternative sport ideal for good fun exercise or healthy competition. Adult/Teen (158-198 lbs.) Powerisers allow you to jump 7 feet high and run 20 miles per hour. You must wear full safety equipment.

This #steampunk #motorcycle concept could be the coolest #retro trip ever

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